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Pipex threatens Christian Voice Website

Immediate 20.00 hrs 17th August 2007

One of the UK 's leading domain name registrars has threatened to cut off traffic to a Christian website.

Pipex emailed threatening the action against with no warning and without a proper reason minutes before close of business today.  They had already, unilaterally and without telling them, removed control of the domain name from Christian Voice earlier in the day, before they sent the email.

The website, well-known for its opposition to gay rights, could disappear from screens before Saturday.  Suspicion over behind the scenes activity has fallen on the Gay Police Association, described as 'the sworn enemies' of Christian Voice.

In a strange twist, the contact email address for a 'Sarah Cooper', described as 'Customer Solutions Team' for Pipex, came back 'user unknown' when emailed.

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, said tonight:

'This Sarah Cooper says Pipex has received a complaint 'of an official nature' requesting removal of the website, which suggests some Government involvement.  It also speaks of 'the defamatory material' on the site without specifying it, so we do not have a clue what their problem is.

'They claim our website uses their servers, which it doesn't, and then they offer to discuss the matter while giving no time to do so and providing a non-contactable email address.

'I sense the dark hand of our sworn enemies the Gay Police Association behind all this.  It could be that they have taken exception to us calling them liars over their 'Bloody Bible' advertisement, but it was the Advertising Standards Authority which ruled that they had failed on the tests of decency, and crucially, on truthfulness and substantiation.

'We shall see what transpires over the next day or so, but if the Christian Voice website does come down, Pipex can expect legal action.  A commercial company cannot act as judge and jury unilaterally cutting off valuable web traffic on a whim or because of behind-the-scenes politicking. If they get away with it, every politically incorrect website is at risk.'

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