The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.


Tuesday 25th November 2009

A Christian witness against the promotion of sodomy to children caused a stir at the British Museum on Thursday.

Christian Voice activists and supporters gave out around 900 leaflets entitled ' British Museum - Stop Promoting Evil' to those entering the Museum and passers-by.

Having initially declared that the leaflets were 'a waste of paper', homosexual activists then decided they were highly dangerous and tried to prevent people taking them.

The sight of a London bus painted in the six-colour diversity rainbow parked in the Museum grounds right in front of the building itself was a stark reminder of how far into depravity the British Establishment has fallen.

Insiders told us that three groups of school-children were taken around the Museum, at least one of which was from a special needs school and 'Schools Out' activist Jake Dyos assured us that parental permission had been sought and given.

In conversation, Jake told Christian Voice that he decided to become homosexual at the age of thirteen because 'straight society was boring'.

The school children were shown artefacts commemorating alleged homosexuals in history, of whom the Roman emperor Hadrian is top or more accurately the only dog. The Museum ran a special exhibition on him last year. Uncomfortably, Hadrian's homosexuality expressed itself in the paedophile seduction of his pre-pubescent houseboy, Antonius, and the only other exhibits the Museum holds with a homosexual flavour, the Warren Cup and the Bell Krater, also feature exclusively the pederast end of the homosexual spectrum.

Hadrian's anti-Semitism is also an embarrassment. He first banned circumcision, then reneged on a promise to help rebuild the temple in Jerusalem, erecting a temple to Jupiter there instead, crushed the Jews at Bethar, massacring 580,000 in all, outlawed all Judeo-Christian religious observance and expelled the Jewish people from Judea which he merged with Galilee and renamed Syria-Palaestina.

The excuse to teach homosexuality in schools is to reduce bullying, but there remains no evidence that it does that - it could even increase it. But it was touching how much reliance 'the gays' put on education as a means to counter bullying. They were convinced that all that was needed was more 'education' and then everyone would be nice to one another. The Biblical position, that human beings behave badly towards one another because the heart of man is fully set to do evil, and that foolishness (that is: immorality) is bound up in the heart of a child was met with incredulity. More education to them was all that was required.

And so to Birmingham Perry Barr and to Perry Beeches School on the Friday morning. There being a teachers' training day, the children were not in school, but the leafleting went ahead anyway, and a number of parents of children at local schools and the older pupils at a nearby comprehensive received leaflets showing how homosexuality was not as lovely as Sir Ian McKellen and head Liam Nolan pretended it was and how Jesus Christ can forgive, heal and release those caught up with homosexual desires.

Liam Nolan was not at all happy with the witness and came out to take pictures on his mobile phone of anyone in the vicinity, involved with the witness or not. But as much as he hates the truth of his conviction for outraging public decency in the bushes at S an dwell Valley coming out, there is nothing he can do about it. Thanks to the House of Lords, Christians still have freedom of speech to preach against sin - including homosexuality - and against indoctrinating children with lies.

When will the heads of schools such as Perry Beeches, Haverstock School in Camden , Thomas Tallis in Blackheath, and Stoke Newington School in Hackney open their doors to those who have walked away from homosexuality through the power of Jesus Christ, and whose very existence proves homosexuality is not fixed and unchangeable? Our prayer is for them to respond to this challenge and hear that testimony. We shall not be holding our breath. But God is a God of miracles, so who knows?

The 'Schools Out' website speaks of 'infiltrating education' and provides materials for activists to do just that, including providing 'positive images' of 'lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people' and ideas of how to weave homosexuality into school subjects like English, drama, history and, of course, sex education. Displaying posters about homosexual recruiting groups like 'Gay Switchboard' in schools is also recommended, as is the inclusion of homosexual-related events in school assemblies. The dates on which homosexual mass-murderers such as Jeffrey Dahmer, Dennis Neilson, Michael Lupo and Thomas Hamilton and - for that matter - the Emperor Hadrian met their demise are not expected to form part of any 'gay assembly' soon.