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Tuesday 25th November 2009

A leading homosexual activist has threatened Christian Voice with police action after his photograph was published on the activist group's website.

Jake Dyos was photographed with others outside the British Museum during a day in which the academic institution was promoting sodomy to school children. Neither he nor the other activists photographed raised any objection to being photographed. One of the photos taken that day duly illustrated our story on our website about the Museum's action and our witness for righteousness outside.

In an astonishing confirmation that homosexuals are not 'born that way', Jake also told a Christian Voice activist outside the British Museum that he had chosen to go gay at the age of thirteen because he decided 'straight society was boring'.

The webpage about the Museum witness has been up for a week, but on Saturday after noon, Jake phoned Christian Voice National Director Stephen Green to complain about the photograph of him on the page. He had not authorised its going up on our website, he went on.

'Schools Out' gay activist Jake Dyos.  Decided to 'go gay' because 'straight society was boring'.

He said he had already gone to the police and then gave us twenty-four hours to take the photo off our website. Otherwise, he threatened, the police would take action against us and our website would be taken down.  The deadline elapsed at 4pm yesterday (Sunday 6th December)

Stephen Green said today:

'Jake did not specify what law we were alleged to have broken. There are unauthorised pictures of celebs taken in public places on the web and published media. Indeed, there are unauthorised photos of me all over the web. It's just tough. It's a matter of "get over it."

'It is hard to see what action the police can take, except to send some officers around to attempt to put the frighteners on us, like they did to Pauline Howe in Norwich after she complained about that city's Gay Pride parade, author Lynette Burrows, who transgressed by saying homosexual men should not adopt children and pensioners Joe and Helen Roberts in Lancashire..

'Clearly, our witness outside the Museum and our story on the website has got to the 'Schools Out' purveyors of perversion to the point where Jake Dyos, like king Lear, resorts to impotent threats: "I shall do such things; .. what they are yet I know not; but they shall be the terrors of the earth!"

'So our story stays up and we wait with some interest for the day an inspector calls.'

The pro-sodomy day at the British Museum was part of drive by homosexual activists like wealthy gay pressure group Stonewall to use the concept of 'homophobic bullying' to introduce homosexuality into the classroom. They contend that teaching about gays and lesbians reduces name-calling in the playground.

But opponents of such indoctrination have observed that there is no evidence that such teaching decreases bullying and suggest it may have the opposite effect.

Christian Voice National Director, Stephen Green, says:

'It is quite likely that by making a big thing of homosexuality, children prone to bully others will be given a new weapon, one they might not have thought about, particularly at an early age.

'A non-sporting boy could get called "gay", or a tom-boyish girl a '"lezzie" as a result of these lessons or school assemblies. The tragedy is, the name-calling can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. That boy or girl can begin to wonder, "Maybe I am?"

'In that scenario, 'Schools Out' activists like Jake Dyos are recruiting children into their chosen lifestyle of homosexuality.'