The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.


Monday 1st March 2010

The Prime Minister has pledged to enact more unrighteous laws to please homosexual activists if Labour are returned to power. Or, as he put it a reception he and his wife Sarah hosted at 10 Downing Street to mark the so-called 'LGBT History Month', "Stand with gay people until 'justice is achieved'."

Gordon Brown said "progress had been made" and said the Government had "fought together" with the "lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual community".


Brown promised not to ease up, even though homosexuals have won virtually all their demands, except one - honour and acceptance by people of faith.

"'Tonight we reaffirm our commitment, my commitment, the commitment of the Government to standing with you all until the full range of gay rights are achieved,' he said.

Mr Brown singled out steps taken in the last decade, including lifting the ban on lesbians and gay men serving in the armed forces, allowing same sex couples to have civil partnerships and to adopt.

He said: "We did all these things and more because we stood and fought together.

"Let me promise you I will not give up on the fight for justice until justice is achieved.

"The road to equality is always long and it's always hard and it's always tough.


"But as long as Harriet (Harman) and I and other ministers are able to work with you, I promise you that nobody ever need walk the road to equality alone."

Harriet Harman was legal officer of the National Council for Civil Liberties (now called ' Liberty ') in the 1970's and 1980's when two campaigning paedophile groups, the Paedophile Information Exchange and Paedophile Action for Liberation, were affiliated to it. Patricia Hewitt was NCCL general secretary at the same time, and campaigning paedophiles were members of its Gay Rights Sub-Committee. Harriet Harman has never apologised for her pro-paedophile campaigning nor condemned PIE. She is now pushing the Government's Equality Bill through Parliament.

At the 'Stonewall Equality Dinner' in April 2008, actor Sir Ian McKellen, a co-founder of the gay activist group, gave a keynote speech in which he gave the real reason why Labour 'did all these things and more'.


He told the 540 guests that he had visited Tony Blair on behalf of Stonewall three months before his election as Prime Minister in 1997.

"I reeled off Stonewall's demands, and he nodded, wrote them down and put a tick by them all. Then he said 'we will do all that'," said McKellen.

On 27th June 2009, homosexual journalist Matthew Parris wrote an article in the Times in which he revealed that when he was an MP in the 1980s, he met in a gay nightclub with Labour's Peter Mandelson, Guardian gay journalist Nicholas de Jongh, and Ian McKellen to manipulate public opinion. "We planned media resistance to Section 28", wrote Parris.

In the same article he revealed the self-destructive side of the gay lifestyle:

"New freedoms bring security, pride, even swagger. They bring a certain care-less hedonism, and that's not all bad. There's more unworried fun in store for a young gay man today than ever there was for me when I was 18.

"With the self-respect and freedom of the young, 21st-century gay man, has come a strutting self-regard, a materialistic consumerism, a vanity and a f***-off selfishness that I do not like. Spot the money, in a culture awash with disposable cash, where everybody's earning and few are caring for kids or families. Watch the leisure and retail industry chasing the new gay spenders."


And of course the politicians. Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg and then David Cameron were interviewed in successive monthly editions of Attitude magazine either side of Christmas 2009 desperately courting the vote of a mere perverted 1% of the electorate. Clegg tried to outdo Brown in December then Cameron tried to upstage Clegg in January.

And now Brown has pledged to be gayer than either of them. A look at Labour's legislative record shows that whichever occupies 10 Downing Street would start his parliamentary pro-sodomy campaigns from heights undreamed of in 1997.


From 1998 to 2000, the Government tried to reduce the minimum age for sodomy from 18 to 16. In the end they used the Parliament Acts in order to silence opposition in the House of Lords.

Also in 2000, they removed the ban on homosexuals serving in the military.

In 2003, they abolished Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988, which stopped local authorities promoting sodomy in schools.

In 2002, the Government legalised joint adoption by homosexual couples in the Adoption and Children Act. The Act came into force in England and Wales in 2005 and Scotland 's version of it in 2009. Christian magistrates opposed to it on the basis of children's best interests have been dismissed or have resigned.

In 2003, the Government introduced the Sexual Orientation Regulations which banned employers insisting on employing people of good moral character. To the annoyance of Stonewall, there was an exemption for religious bodies and churches.


In 2004, they passed the Civil Partnerships Act, legalising homosexual unions, and the Gender Recognition Act, allowing transsexuals to falsify their birth certificates.

The Sexual Offences Act 2004 abolished the crimes of buggery and gross indecency.

In 2005, 'aggravation' of offences introduced on the basis of 'sexual orientation' so that anyone attacking a homosexual would face a tougher sentence than a man attacking a rival football fan.

In 2007, a new set of Sexual Orientation Regulations outlawed discrimination in the provision of goods and services. The regulations obliged Christian hoteliers, photographers and printers to go against their conscience and forced religious adoption agencies to close.

2008 saw the enactment of a 'homophobic hatred' law. The House of Lords insisted on a 'freedom of speech' clause, as they did when the Government tried to delete it the following year.

In 2009, pairs of lesbians were given the right to be named as joint mothers on the birth certificate of a child conceived through fertility treatment.

Their Equality Bill, currently in the House of Lords, places a duty on public bodies, such as local authorities, schools and the police, to promote sodomy and transsexuality. Last month, the Church narrowly retained the right to employ fellow-believers in a vote in the House of Lords.

The Governments' Children, Schools and Families Bill, now in the House of Commons, will make sex education part of the National Curriculum. Brown's pledges to gay activists mean that pro-sodomy teaching will form part of it. Schools Out, the organisation behind LGBT History Month, is already gearing up for an increase in trade, if the expression, used in a homosexual context, does not fall too awkwardly.  (Homosexual men refer to their casual sexual contacts as 'trade'.)

Not only that, the right of parents to prevent their children seeing unsuitable material by withdrawing them from such lessons will be curtailed. Parents who try to protect their children by home-schooling face the hurdles of registration and inspection by local authorities.


Celebrities including comedian Paul O'Grady, actor Antony Cotton (Eastenders) and rent-boy turned Strictly Come Dancing judge Craig Revel Horwood attended Brown's No 10 bash..

Asked about the significance of an invitation to an event at Number 10 for gay people, O'Grady said: "I was standing having a shave earlier and I thought Oscar Wilde would be turning in his grave.

"It would never have happened. Even 20 years ago it was unthinkable. It shows you what great steps have been made."

Christian Voice National Director Stephen Green said: "O'Grady is right. Who would have thought that in just seven years, from the abolition of Section 28 in 2003 to the Equality Bill and the Children, Schools and Families Bill in 2010, that the Government of the United Kingdom , with the support of its two main opposition parties, would go from banning the promotion of sodomy to school-children to requiring it?

"For that matter, who would have thought just two years ago that a pair of radio presenters would insult and humiliate an elderly man and his grand-daughter in a sexual context using lewd language on our national broadcaster? Yet that is what Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand did to Andrew Sachs and Georgina Bailie in October 2008.

"Or that a young girl would murder a grandmother in a row over a cigarette? The world that Gordon Brown has helped to create, the one he, Nick Clegg and David Cameron want to advance, a world in which secularism and gay rights are advanced and Christianity and righteousness trampled upon, the world of Sodom and Gomorrah, is and is becoming more selfish, more hedonistic, coarser, more callous, more crass and more brutal than any of us could have imagined.

"Indeed, as Paul O'Grady says, such a world would have been unthinkable twenty years - or even ten years - ago. If Christian men do not stand up for the risen, ascended Jesus Christ soon, this United Kingdom will surely go the way of the Cities of the Plain. And there will be no celebrity bash promoting sodomy at No 10 in that day."