The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.

The Cooperative Bank’s Second Press Statement (28th June 2005)

“The Co-operative Bank asked Christian Voice to close its account on the basis of the hateful and offensive statements they peddle, and their aim of stigmatising people who are homosexual. These go far beyond the view that ‘homosexuality is a ‘sin’: alleging that homosexuals are ‘formed’ via paedophilia (and that they will in turn propagate this further), and that their innate ‘corruptness’ renders them unfit for the police force.

“Many Christians and church groups have welcomed our stand and noted that this organisation is not the “voice” of Christianity. Freedom of speech requires a climate of respect and tolerance if it is to operate optimally.  We accept that everyone has the right to freedom of thought on religion; however, we do not believe that this entitles people to actively encourage and practice discrimination. Like other extremists, this group would claim the benefits of freedom of speech for themselves, whilst seeking to deny them to others via the creation of a climate of hate.”

The Co-operative Bank

Christian Voice comment:
Leaving aside the offensive tone of the Co-op’s statement,

  1. It is standard psychology that some men who are sexually abused at a
    young age become homosexual as a result, and that the experience then
    appears to be repeated on others, as the sufferer tries to re-engage with
    the boy he once was.  This is only a minority (10% - 30% depending on which surveys you read) but a significant minority.  And if personal feelings are now the measure of right and wrong, rather than an objective external source (God to Christians) then paedophiliac homosexuality is just as valid as the adult-attraction version.  The Co-op, of course, deliberately and deceitfully left out the word ‘many’ so as to make it appear that we believe all homosexual men are paedophiles.
  2. It is standard Christian theology that homosexual activity is corrupt and corrupting.  It follows that the police force should be discouraging active homosexuals from being recruited, rather than, as they are at the moment, encouraging them.
  3. We are not denying homosexuals freedom of speech.  We are not trying to create a climate of hate.  It is significant that such language should be used in an attempt to silence the Gospel.  It is indicative of the persecution that is to come on the Church.