The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.


For thou shalt worship no other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God (Ex 34:14).

"President Bush, eager to improve America's reputation in the Muslim world, will welcome 50 ambassadors from Islamic countries for a traditional meal and prayer at the White House on Monday to mark the start of Ramadan.

"It is thought to be the first time that Muslims will have knelt and touched the floor with their foreheads in a formal ceremony in the official home of American presidents.

"In another unprecedented event, the Muslim chaplain of Georgetown University officiated at the opening prayers of the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill yesterday" (London Daily Telegraph)

Capitol Hill Prayer Alert say:
"President Bush has erred greatly by promoting the religion of Islam in various ways. But hosting a prayer meeting in the White House for an openly anti-Christian religious group is crossing a dangerous threshold. Coupled with the Bush administration's commitment to Palestinian statehood, our nation may be entering a new era of crushing judgment from a Sovereign God who is not unmoved by our nation's infidelity.

"A Muslim prayer meeting in the White House is an act of blasphemy toward the God to whom we owe everything, a mockery of American Christians and Christianity, a desecration of the memory of our nation's Christian Forefathers (some of whom lived in the White House), a declaration of contempt for our nation's Christian heritage, and an act of departure from the Living God. There is a vast difference between entertaining strangers and entertaining the worship of false Gods.

"The President's sin is even more grievous than when Hezekiah showed the Babylonian emissaries his palace and the treasures of his kingdom. Hezekiah's act led to the overthrow of Jerusalem and the Babylonian captivity (2 Kgs 20:12-19). But even Hezekiah would never have allowed the Babylonians to worship their gods in his house. Where will President Bush's act lead?

"We can only hope and pray that the solemn assembly planned by Congress, the National Day of Prayer planned for the day before Thanksgiving, and the prayers of God's people across America will neutralise the demonic power that will otherwise be unleashed at this unprecedented White House gathering.  Please Join Us in Prevailing Prayer for our Nation:

"Heavenly Father, FORGIVE President Bush. He cannot know what he is doing. If it be possible, STOP this prayer meeting from taking place. FORGIVE our nation for this grievous offence toward You. HAVE MERCY upon us. May your ministers across America DENOUNCE this wicked act, without hesitating.

"NEUTRALISE the spiritual wickedness & confusion that this act will release upon our land. Use this to AWAKEN Christians from our sinful lethargy. STOP our president from exalting the oppressive, soul-damning religion of Islam. In Jesus' Name, Amen"

(Ex 20:3-7; 23:31-33; Deut 13:1-11; Is 42:11-23; Zech 1:12-17)