The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.


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Booklets and Briefings

Britain in Sin; January 1998 - and still relevant!

Lamplight 1-year Bible Reading Plan: Read through the Bible in one year by investing just 15-20 minutes per day (Starts on 1st January)
Defending the Crown: Why Scripture and the British Constitution both show we should keep the current preference for male heirs in the succession to the British Crown. 28 pages; July 2012
The Trivialisation of Matrimony: How marriage was ordained by God to be the union of one man and one woman and why marriage between two persons of the same sex can not and should not be legalised by any earthly government. 16 pages. June 2012
Labelling Halal: How supermarkets are secretly selling halal meat and why Christians should not eat it. 16 pages. November 2010
Understanding Islam: Is Islam a religion of peace? Does a Muslim ever know he is saved? How do Islam and Christianity differ? How do we win Muslims for Christ?  24 pages; includes an Islamic glossary. Essential. August 2005

A Generation Betrayed - "The Reality of Safer Sex"; (Sex Education in Britain today) 20 pages July 2004


Framing Mischief by a Law: Civil Partnership Bill treats homosexual couples as 'one flesh'.  April 2004


Blasphemy: it's all about insulting Jesus: 16 pages. July 2008


Diwali - A Parents' Guide; October 2003
(The truth about Hinduism, its 'gods' and its social consequences)


Free to Preach the Gospel; December 2002

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God's Sovereignty Over the Nations


The Day our Queen was Crowned


Britain in Sin


Books & Pamphlets

Fighting for Love, Purity, Marriage and Family Life by Steve Stevens DFC. An autobiographical book written to put a fighting spirit in the reader toarestore broken Britain


We have a Guardian compiled by W B Grant: How God protected our nation in time of war. Includes an account of the 'Angel of Mons'. Concludes with a call to national repentance. Worth every penny!


The Sexual Dead-End by Stephen Green: a must-read. The best-ever book on homosexuality in the UK . Driven by compassion, and full of Christian hope.


The Pink Swastika by Scott Lively. Exposes the deep roots of homosexuality in the Nazi party.


The Poisoned Stream by Scott Lively. "Gay" influence in human history

Wild at Heart by John Eldredge: a man needs a battle to fight, and adventure to live, a beauty to win. God designed men to be dangerous.
Why men hate going to church by David Murrow: Where are all the men? One place you won't find them is in church. How to get the men into your church.
7 steps to recruit-proof your child by Scott Lively. A parents' guide to protecting children from the 'gay' movement.
Early Wings Over Africa by Steve Stevens DFC.  The action-packed life of Mission Aviation Fellowship’s first operational pilot in Africa is superbly illustrated and includes stories of an adventurous boyhood and distinguished wartime record.

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