The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.

Friday 18th February 2005: 11:00am

Cancer Charity Applauded

A Scottish-based cancer charity was today commended for disassociating itself from a gala performance this afternoon of Jerry Springer the Opera in London ’s West End.   The blasphemous musical, in which Jesus says he is ‘a little bit gay’, was the subject of 50,000 individual complaints when it was screened last month on BBC2.  1,500 Christians protested outside BBC venues all over the United Kingdom the night ‘Springer’ was screened.

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, who led the protest at BBC Television Centre White City, said today: “It is to the great credit of Maggie’s Centres that as soon as they became aware of the offence they would cause to the Christian community by benefiting from the gala performance of Jerry Springer the Opera, they distanced themselves from this production, from the torrent of filth it contains, and from its humiliation and ridicule of God, Jesus Christ and Mary.”

“By refusing to accept this tainted money, Maggie’s Centres have set an example of ethical behaviour which is rare in Britain today.  They have put their claims to be caring into action and stood by their many Christian supporters, staff and cancer sufferers.  Many terminal patients draw great comfort from their Christian faith, and to know that those who care for them respect the source of that faith will be an inspiration.”

“Maggie’s Centres deserve great respect for refusing the temptation to profit from filth and blasphemy.  I hope and pray that Maggie’s Centres will know the blessing of God in their efforts to raise funds for their London centre and that it will become a beacon of excellence in cancer care.”