The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.

Gay Pride March 2007

Some 15,000 homosexuals and hangers-on paraded perversion through the streets of a rainy London on Saturday 30th July. Just two dozen Christians stood in dignified witness and preached the Gospel of repentance and salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ to those declaring their sin as Sodom .

In shame, some major British companies took part in the parade, with British Airways and Lloyds Bank taking the lead. Nationwide and Barclays Bank also jostled in with promiscuous lesbians and young men desperate for their looks not to fade. And of course the Gay Police Association, caught out lying in the Bloody Bible ad, took pride (going before a fall) of place. (See the full list below.)

It is now the 5th year in a row that homosexual policemen and women have dishonoured their uniform by associating it with the corruption of homosexuality. The banner of the Gay Police Association, so recently reprimanded for their dishonesty by the Advertising Standards Authority (see link to CV article), was carried aloft. The Fire Service also could have deployed a fire engine better somewhere else (helping those made homeless by floods?) than in such a disgusting exhibition.

The Army Chief of Staff, General Sir Richard Dannatt, an infantry-man and a vice-president of the Officers' Christian Union, and his Royal Air Force counterpart, the experienced jet pilot Air Chief Marshall Sir Glenn Torpy, banned their personnel from wearing their uniforms in the parade.

Sadly, the Admiralty did not follow the same example. The Royal Navy is a member of the divisive Stonewall Diversity Champions scheme, and a spokesman said they would be using the parade 'as a recruitment opportunity.' The parents of normal young men and women contemplating a career in the Senior Service might take note that, to borrow the famous words of Sir Winston Churchill, rum might be out of fashion, and the lash abolished, but Naval chiefs are still rather keen on sodomy aboard ship.

Given the Navy's repellent, even if quite undeserved, reputation for institutionalised homosexuality typified by Sir Winston's joke about 'rum, sodomy and the lash', one would have thought Admiral Sir Jonathan Band, Chief of the Naval Staff, would be trying to distance the Service under his command from the unpleasant 'hello sailor' stereotype. But perhaps, as one who last commanded a ship a distant ten years ago, the Admiral has forgotten the close proximity in which sailors exist and the opportunities for abuse of power that provides on board ship. Anyway, his decision is beyond sense or parody.

There were floats from government departments, national charities, trades unions, banks, airlines - all wanting to show how politically-correct they are - alongside those of homosexual clubs. And then there were the marchers themselves, transvestites competing with body-building clones for attention, all flash on the outside, empty on the inside.

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, commented: 'How these poor people need the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and how our nation needs to repent of its corporate sin. Facing thousands of gesticulating, hate-filled, aggressive gays, observing so many hell-bound souls and watching as such a degrading spectacle goes by is not a pleasant experience. But if Christians do not voice some disapproval of national sin, as the Holy Spirit-filled prophets did in their day, we aren't fulfilling our calling of being salt or light. In a dysfunctional nation already under judgment, who knows what worse judgment than what we have already might come if we do not keep up our prayer and witness against evil. So it isn't nice to do, but there is a sense in which prophetic witness is a bit like cleaning out the toilets - it's a mucky job, but someone has to do it.' 

London Gay Pride Parade Participants 30/06/07:

  • British Airways: 'proud partners'
  • Lloyds TSB: sponsor
  • Madame Tussauds: with Mayor of London on board
  • SCOPE (The cerebral palsy charity - what are they trying to achieve?)
  • London Bus Company
  • Royal Navy
  • Gay Police Association (that's the ones who can't tell the truth)
  • London Fire Brigade
  • Greater London Authority: GLB Staff Network
  • London Ambulance
  • Iconic Youth@pride
  • Metropolitan Community Church North London (AKA the 'gay church')
  • Young Lesbian and Gay 'Christians' (Er, 'From the beginning of the creation God made them male and female. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife and the two shall be one flesh.' The Lord Jesus Christ, Mark 10)
  • Capital FM (So now we know - Capital Radio is gay)
  • Barclaycard and Barclays Bank
  • UNITE: campaigning about homophobia (far left)
  • NUT (teachers - need to reach their full potential)
  • NASUWT (more teachers - could do better)
  • CWU (Communication Workers' Union )
  • NAZ project (minority ethnic HIV group)
  • IMAAN: Muslim LGBT support
  • (Black lesbians - few as they are)
  • Press for change (transsexuals)
  • Translondon (more transsexuals)
  • Bird Club (Lesbian group, as in 'Arrive early, as we kick things off with some Live Bird On Bird Action from London beauties Bird Club!')
  • Spectrum Haringey
  • Nationwide
  • Respect
  • Environment Agency (as Britain floods, the Environment Agency parties)
  • Civil Service Rainbow Alliance
  • Shell
  • Outwest
  • Jewish Gay and Lesbian group
  • Socialist Party
  • A Buddhist group
  • (leather and motorcycle fetish bores)
  • Amnesty International (so now you know)
  • Proudly Catholic
  • Transport For London
  • Lesbian and Gay Unitarians
  • London Gay Symphony Orchestra (Shostakovich would have ripped up his 10th symphony rather than have it played by this shower. Stick to Tchaikovsky, girls)
  • ELOP: East London 's Lesbian and Gay Centre
  • Gay Sunday Walking Group (we kid you not)
  • B.T Openreach
  • The Raelian Movement: ('The Raelian Revolution is boldly bringing about a complete paradigm shift on our planet. The Messages given to Rael by our human Creators from space contain the world's most fearlessly individualistic philosophy of love, peace, and non-conformism.' Hmm, so homosexuals are aliens from space. OK.)
  • Gay and Lesbian Immigration Group
  • LYC London (Asian homosexual club)
  • British Transport Police
  • Metropolitan Police (Depressingly recruiting amongst the emotionally-challenged)
  • The Pink Paper (- the homosexual rag of record)