The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.

Christians witness against Redhill Muslim march

23rd March 2008

Christians led by Christian Voice held a witness against a march by Muslims in Redhill on Easter Sunday.

Around 70 Muslims paraded from the Memorial Park in Redhill down to the Redhill Islamic Centre and Mosque in nearby Earlswood.

They were met by a small witness along the route and were told that Jesus Christ was indeed crucified, dead and buried (which the Koran denies) but that He rose victorious from the dead.

The local police told Christian Voice that the march was to celebrate the birthday of the prophet Mohammed, although his birth was actually observed the previous Thursday.

The march followed the attack on Canon Michael Ainsworth in the churchyard of St George-in-the-East in Tower Hamlets just before Palm Sunday, the 16th, the Sunday before Easter, and it was conducted in an agressive, intimidating manner.

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, said:

'A march is a pubic declaration. The Muslims are parading through Redhill knowing full well that Easter Sunday is the holiest day of the Christian year. They are deliberately disrespecting Jesus Christ and exalting their prophet over Him.

'If they had genuinely wanted to observe their prophet's birthday, they could have done that in private, and if they really had to march, they could have done that on the actual day kept in the Muslim world for the purpose, which is Thursday, or on Saturday, the normal day for marches.

'The attack on Canon Ainsworth just last week shows the true face of Islam, with young men following the example of Mohammed, who spread his new religion at the point of the sword. His church has also been attacked, and Muslims have shouted that it ought to be a mosque.

'The Redhill march was from the same frame of mind, asserting Muslim dominance over an area, and saying that Islam is superior to Christianity. It was a deliberate insult to Christ, who has been honoured and revered in this land for almost 2,000 years.

'Only in Christianity do we have the certainty of sins forgiven, and the Easter message is one of hope and reconciliation between God and man, celebrating Christ's triumph over sin and death and the new life He brings. Sadly, Muslims deny all the truth of Jesus and His victory. Yet ironically it is only He, the living Saviour, who can save them. Their dead prophet will keep them sunk in their sins.'

A local Anglican clergyman passing by said he had good relations with the Muslims and that he was against the witness.

A smaller contingent from something called the British People's Party also turned up but stood apart from Christian Voice. The party's website proclaims 'racial nationalism' and the need to 'save the white race'.

Stephen Green concluded: 'As our witness included two brothers of African origon, the 'BPP' people plainly had as much wish to mix with us as we had to be associated with them.'