The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.


IMMEDIATE 9.00 Saturday 22nd July 2006

As the row over the anti-Christian 'in the name of the father' ad intensified, a prominent Christian group today claimed responsibility for relieving the Gay Police Association of their collective sanity.

Click to enlargeThe advertisement (Click on the image to see it full-size), showing a pool of blood next to a Bible, and headed 'in the name of the father', blamed Christians for what it described as 'a 74% increase in homophobic incidents' which it said had occurred 'over the last year'.  The ad, which was published last month in the Independent newspaper, has led to a storm of protest from Christians, complaints to the IPCC and ASA, demands for the GPA to back up its claim that Christians are shedding the blood of homosexuals and even a referral to the Met's hate crimes unit.

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, said today: 'It is obvious the Indy advertisement is so over the top as to be completely indefensible.  The only explanation is that the Gay Police Association has collectively lost what remained of their sanity.   In that case, I believe Christian Voice can take much of the credit.  No other Christian organisation has done so much that has got under their skin.

'Although the Gay Police Association cannot abide the Christian Police Association, it is the actions of Christian Voice which appear to have tipped them into the clutches of the men in white coats.

'After homosexual police first marched, or minced, in the London Gay Pride Parade in 2003, we published a glossy booklet with photos from the parade entitled Homosexuality and the Police.  That included a call for homosexuals to repent and to walk away from their lifestyle.  It carried the assurance that Jesus Christ could forgive them and heal them.  That led to a page on the GPA website denouncing us.

'Then we held a rally in Bournemouth to commemorate Christian preacher Harry Hammond, who was arrested by a partisan police officer apparently for being the victim of an assault by a gang of homosexuals and then convicted under the Public Order Act.

'Next, we published a briefing paper called Framing mischief by a law which denounced the concept of civil partnerships, observed that only a man and a woman can ever be 'one flesh' in sexual intercourse and that extending the benefits of marriage to homosexual pairs was a 'grotesque parody' of God's sacred institution.

'Last year we held the first-ever organised protest at the London Gay Pride March, and we repeated it this year when the event was called 'Europride'.  The wrath of the homosexuals passing our site, which merely had relevant scriptures on display and some Gospel preaching, was almost satanic.

'Earlier this year, we distributed a leaflet entitled ACPO don't know right from wrong at the annual meeting of the Association of Chief Police Officers at Excel in London .  We also sent it to ACPO members and APA chairmen throughout England and Wales .  The leaflet told chief police officers that they must acknowledge an objective source of right and wrong, that the only such source was Almighty God in the Lord Jesus Christ, and that the same Bible which condemned racism also condemned homosexual acts.  ACPO promptly issued a statement in which they said how hurt the GPA had been by the content of the leaflet.

'But the coup de gras appears to be our spoof True Vision website, inspired by the Police 'True Vision' project to encourage homosexuals to report 'hate incidents' and their failure to register 'True-Vision' as a web domain.  The site,, merges politically-correct language with 'police-speak' and real quotations from a police 'hate- crime manual' to send up the pro-homosexual posturing of the police, the concept of 'hate incidents', the increasing moves towards a 'police state' and the whole idea that some victims of crimes should be favoured over others.  Two different police forces, West Midlands and Staffordshire, have tried to close it down and failed, and its mere existence sends the Gay Police Association incandescent with impotent rage.

'Life is imitating art.  Our True Vision website carries the heading 'Christianity - together we'll crack it' (a take-off of various police slogans like 'street crime - together we'll crack it').  The Gay Police Association, having failed to silence Christians, is now attacking the Christian faith itself, just as we predicted.  The good news is, they won't be any more successful than was the Roman Emperor Nero.

'There has been a massive turn-around in just a quarter of a century.  Twenty-five years ago, one might have allied evangelical Christians with the Establishment, while homosexuals were on the fringe, protesting.  Now it is completely the other way round.  Homosexuals are in the Establishment, evangelical Christians are the protestors, and God is calling us to be in truth what the Prayer Book describes as 'Christ's church militant here on earth.'

'When 177 pastors of black-majority churches are moved to throw down a gauntlet to the Government over its Sexual Orientation Regulations, due to be published this autumn, then the Establishment ought to be getting worried.  Christians are not going to put up with attacks on our freedom to express our faith and we are not bowing down to the god of diversity.  We are here, we are out, and we are proud of the cross of Jesus Christ.  The Government and the Gay Police Association just have to get used to it.

'But in the meantime, it is heartening to be so honoured by the Lord Jesus Christ to see His enemies mentally imploding and to know we played our part in that.  To Him be all the glory both now and evermore.'