The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.


Immediate 15.00 hrs Wednesday 13th December 2006

A Civil Partnership scene being broadcast this week in Britain's longest-running soap was described today as 'nauseating' and 'a big turn-off' by a Christian prayer and lobby group.

Two characters from Radio 4's 'The Archers', farmer Adam Macy and chef Ian Craig, are due to perform the ceremony on Thursday 14th December 2006.

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, said today:

"Personally, seeing a picture of actors Andrew Wincott and Stephen Kennedy dressed up in wedding suits holding their glasses of fizz made me feel quite queasy. It brought home the enormity of the nauseating pretence and perversion of a real wedding which every 'civil partnership' is.

"My hope is that the remaining faithful listeners of 'The Archers', those who have endured the plaintive politically-correct story-lines of the last few years will at last wake up and find something less grating to listen to.

"After all, the poor things are now agonising over the destruction of Ruth and David's marriage. How Editor in Chief Vanessa ('to be politically correct is to be moral') Whitburn justifies the morality of that is a mystery.

"They have recently had to endure such crude propaganda story-lines as the racial harassment of Usha, the Indian lawyer parachuted into the village, Linda Snell's feng-shui obsession and the repellent 'gay kiss' in the polytunnel.

"Earlier, Ambridge had a woman vicar before the ink was even dry on the Church of England's decision. Like biblical Athens , Ambridge must always tell of 'some new thing.'  Indeed, the whole show has forty years of pioneering 'form'. After all, Jennifer's baby out of wedlock paved the way for the rest of rural England , whilst her consideration of an abortion was just what the Elite ordered during the furore around the Abortion Act in 1967.

"I recognise that real 'Archers' addicts will find it hard to turn off. There will be those as fascinated as a rabbit caught in the headlights by 'Adam' and 'Ian' 'tying the knot'. Others will listen with morbid curiosity like spectators slowing down to get a good view of a road crash.

"I for one will be avoiding 'The Archers'.  I prefer art which edifies, elevates and encourages to that which debases, disgusts and depresses. In any case, just before dinner is the wrong time to be rushing to the loo to be sick.  I am praying for a 'big turn off' for 'Adam' and 'Ian's' anti-Christian charade.

"On the other hand, do tell me if the latest vicar of Ambridge turns into a Christ-centred evangelical determined to take the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ by word and by example to the needy sinners of the BBC's progressive hell-on-earth. Revival starting in Ambridge? OK, I shan't be holding my breath."