The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.


Immediate 18.00 hrs Friday 5th January 2007

A Christian group has today promised that gay and lesbian promotions in schools and police action against students who use 'gay' to mean 'as a term of abuse will be opposed.

The Home Office issued guidance last week for schools to hold 'lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual awareness months'.  They claim that these will eliminate what is described as 'homophobic' bullying and build tolerance and diversity.

But Christian Voice has cast doubt on the reality of so-called 'anti-gay' bullying and has suggested that forcing homosexuality on children will foster, not tolerance, but resentment and anger.

Stephen Green, National Director Christian Voice, said today:

"The Government have no right to impose their morality, or lack of it, on the rest of us.  At a time when it appears to be a real challenge for the Government to get school children to learn the basics of mathematics and written communication, let alone any of the other proper subjects, to force perversion upon them is hardly a constructive use of school time.

"The Government want teachers to be picking on pupils, pupils and parents spying on teachers, the police catching young thought-criminals all in a scary echo of the worst of Soviet communism or Orwell's 1984.

"When kids call each 'gay' or 'lezzi' in the playground, these are simply terms of abuse.  Such name-calling is no more 'anti-gay' than calling someone a 'pikey' is anti-Irish.  Children can be spiteful and will always look for the odd one out or for some point of weakness.  Teachers need to reassure the bullied that they are not homosexual or dirty just because someone calls them a stupid name.

"Overall, school anti-bullying policies need to be holistic, led by example, and informed, not by some vague 'citizenship' rubbish, but by reference to the Christian faith.  Anything else will end in failure.  We also need to recognise that the police coming in to quiz pupils who use words like 'gay' as a term for 'rubbish' is itself a form of bullying.

"If any pupils are interviewed by the police, Christian Voice will certainly give every assistance so they can bring legal action against the force concerned.  We shall also oppose any 'Gay Week' or 'LGBT Fortnight' or 'Diversity Month' we hear of.

"More than that, when parents or school students contact us, we can help them to organise their own ground-level opposition to such events, facilitate real discussion of the truth about homosexuality, start to build an understanding of chastity and Godly living, and generally counter darkness with light.

"Standing up to the godless secular elite in the name of righteousness is exactly what the Lord Jesus did in His day.  He exposed their hypocrisy, their corruption and the way they imposed burdens on ordinary people. The hatred which those in power have for the ways of God and their contempt for those they see as the lower classes remains the same today.   The bullying gays, the thought-police and the diversity czars need to be stood up to today.  By the grace of God alone we can do it."