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Immediate 22.00hrs Tuesday 20th February 2007

A LibDem Member of the Scottish Parliament is demanding an award she was given be renamed, after revelations that it was instituted in honour of the co-founder of the Paedophile Information Exchange.

Scottish Liberal Democrat Margaret Smith was presented with the Ian Dunn Award by the Terrence Higgins Trust for her work promoting homosexual perversion. However, she has now demanded the award be renamed. One previous winner was Patrick Harvie MSP, who also wants the name of Ian Dunn excised from memory.

Dunn was caught on tape bragging abut interfering with a fourteen-year-old boy. The existence of the tape caused him to abandon a libel action he had brought against a Sunday newspaper, which named him as a paedophile. The encounter itself does not seem to have been a one-off - at his funeral in 1998, a young man claimed Dunn had raped him when he was fifteen. Dunn also supported a paedophile magazine called 'Minor Problems.'

Nor is a predilection for adolescents just one corrupt facet of the character of this leading Scottish homosexual celebrity. Ian Dunn, an officiant of the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association, editor of Gay Scotland and a leader of Outright Scotland, also had an interest in urination and coprophilia which was well-known in Scottish homosexual circles. He was sexually aroused by human excrement even to the extent of campaigning for the right to be able to import coprophiliac pornography. (Warning - indecent image)

The award is not the only posthumous honour Ian Dunn has been given by homosexuals in Scotland, Christian Voice has learned.

Dunn, who set up PIE in the 1970's, has a meeting room named after him in the Glasgow LGBT centre. It has also taken nine years for the Scottish LGBT network to become concerned with his connection with PIE, and that only after the embarrassment caused to Margaret Smith. The Ian Dunn Award was first presented by Outright Scotland in the year of Dunn's death as part of Pride Scotia, 'for work towards gay rights'. The homosexual AIDS charity Terrence Higgins Trust now administers the Ian Dunn Award.

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, commented:

'I actually met Ian Dunn just before he died, on a TV show in which we were both participating. I did not know him before, but he came up and introduced himself. He was outwardly a likeable and plausible man, standing some six foot three, but although he was a big man, there seemed to be a void in him. He was emotionally like a child himself, desperately searching for fulfilment. His involvement in paedophilia had of course been well-documented by the time I wrote about it in my own book "The Sexual Dead-End" in 1992.

'It is undeniable that all those who set up paedophile groups in the 1970s were leading homosexual activists, which makes sense, as paedophilia is really only a logical extension of homosexuality. Many in the homosexual world do not regard an interest in 14- and 15-year-old boys as paedophilia, and think an adolescent is fair game. Dunn's official obituary on the ScotsGay website (cited above) denies he was a paedophile, while still carrying the report about the fifteen-year-old at his funeral.

'At the time of debates on the homosexual age of consent, a banner claiming to be from Outrage, the militant homosexual group set up by Peter Tatchell, said that 16 is "just the start". Tatchell himself contributed a chapter to a book published in 1986 - Betrayal of Youth, edited by a PIE committee member - which advocated paedophilia.

'Margaret Smith has done us all a favour by instituting a debate which has revealed a lot about the murky world of homosexuality. I call on her to send the Ian Dunn award back whether it is renamed of not and to sever all links with this network of people who clearly have no moral boundaries at all.'

Christian Voice has challenged Outright Scotland, Pride Scotia and the Terrence Higgins Trust to name previous winners of the Ian Dunn award.