The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.


Immediate 21.45 hrs Saturday 17th February 2007

Drunken sex in a dark alley led to one homosexual man's death and the life imprisonment of another, Northampton Crown Court heard earlier this month.

Sentencing him, Judge Charles Wide QC told teenager James Hyland: 'After a sexual encounter you lashed out.' Hyland and his victim, Michael Farndon, left the Boston Clipper, a homosexual pick-up venue in Northampton, in the early hours after a Saturday night drinking session in July last year. They went to a nearby darkened alley for sex.

Afterwards, Hyland killed 45-year-old Farndon, a factory worker. Appearing for Hyland, William Harbage QC described his client as 'a confused young man' who was high on drugs and had been abusing alcohol.

Predictably, homosexuals in Northampton blamed Farndon's death on 'hate' and the Boston Clipper itself held a fundraising evening, 'Kiss goodbye to homophobia.' last September.

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, said today:

'Yet again, the murder of a man after a sexual encounter has shown that violence against homosexuals is prevalent within their own network. Indeed, homosexual activists have written of their initial disgust with themselves after sexual encounters but paradoxically of their need to seek out anonymous men and 'rough trade' for quick sex.

'Ordinary people will find this abnormal drive perplexing, but in the homosexual network it is thought quite normal to go off with a perfect stranger for orgiastic satisfaction. The thrill of danger often adds to the excitement.

'You would need a heart of stone not to feel compassion for such men. Christians ought to be reaching out with the Gospel of forgiveness and healing in Jesus Christ. As for those who make money out of gays pretending that all is fine with homosexuality and that is all the fault of those outside, they should have a good look at their consciences.'