The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.


Immediate 11.00 hrs Wednesday 25th April 2007

An education web forum (link below) has revealed shocking anti-Christian intolerance among teachers.

In the forum, published on the Times Educational Supplement website, teachers belittle Christian parents, ridicule their beliefs, describe Sunday School teaching as child abuse and threaten Child Protection procedures for trivial reasons.

The forum, started last Thursday under the disparaging title 'Some Parents', begins with a teacher bemoaning the fact that a child refused her advice about hay fever with the words, 'Jesus will heal it.'

The teacher concerned refuses to discuss the matter with the parents, and even in the absence of their side of the story, says she already knows what they will say and is 'Tempted to report CP for neglect'.

From there, the thread descends into an anti-Christian rant, with Christianity described by one contributor as 'a certain set of stories', 'crazy,' 'unfathomable and idiotic', 'an insane made-up myth' and 'wanton mental abuse'. Others, who have never met any of the parties, chime in describing the parents as 'Middle class religious freaks', sneer that Jesus won't provide a tissue, suggest telling the child that 'the school nurse is Jesus or Superman or Wonder women (sic)' and wondering 'can antihistamines be seen in a vision?'.

A few contributors try to urge some respect and tolerance for religious belief, but their points are ignored by the fundamentalist atheists and they are simply shouted down. Among them is a hay fever sufferer who observes that anti-histamines often don't work. What will shock many people, even non-Christians, is how shallow the level of debate is between those who teach our children. One teacher, who says she is shortly going to be ordained, describes the parents as 'Christian idiots' and says she would deny communion to parents who smack their children. Another, who claims to read the Bible every day, urges that the parents be reported under Child Protection procedures. Knowing that this could easily disrupt their family, have their children taken into care and probably adopted against their will and even any form of justice, yells: 'SEE HOW THEY HANDLE IT. It may wake them up.'

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, said today:

'The intensity of anti-Christian belief among these teachers is almost unbelievable. It is frankly appalling that such people are in charge of children during a large part of the day. Their views go beyond mere concern that a child is not getting a medicine that some teacher thinks he should get. They use the issue to denigrate Christian belief, they shut their eyes to the evidence from the Bible and other historical sources for the reality of the life of Jesus, they tolerate no view other than their own, and one or two display a degree of atheistic evangelicalism which would put Richard Dawkins in the shade.

'A couple of contributors to the forum make the point that none of the others would dare publicly to rant against Islam or Mohammed like they do about Christianity and Jesus Christ. That highlights the politically correct nature of their attacks on Christianity. Still, there are good signs in the reaction to the Sexual Orientation Regulations that Christians are starting to rediscover the confidence and courage to fight back and stand up for their faith. It can't come too soon.'