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Immediate 13.00 hrs 2nd August 2007

A police advisory body promoting homosexuality and the reporting of 'homophobic incidents' placed a hyperlink on its own website to a satirical website sending up the whole idea of diversity and hate crime, Christian Voice has learned.

The Independent Advisory Group, which liaises with Hertfordshire Police, linked to

Twenty-four hours after they noticed the link was to the wrong site, they changed it - but google still has the cached version.

Christian Voice designed when David Blunkett was Home Secretary, as a foil to the Orwellian-sounding police 'True Vision' project. 'True Vision' was intended to get more homosexuals reporting instances of 'homophobia'.  The site has been up so long some of the live web-links don't work anymore, but its message is still crystal-clear.

The site makes it very clear that it is a satirical send-up of the police, with post-Iraq headings like 'Bible passages can be deployed in 45 seconds' and police-speak taken to absurdity as in 'Christianity - together we'll crack it'. However, it quotes a real police hate crime manual which claimed 'the infection of homophobia' was transmitted in families mainly by the elderly and then suggests the elderly are 'the most subversive people in Britain '.

The site has 'True Vision Police' saying they are 'on the side of the LGBT community - in all its rich diversity', describing Evangelical Christians as 'a danger to pluralist Britain' and the Bible as 'a manual of hate-speech' while bishops who feel tempted to talk about sin and the healing power of Jesus Christ are advised to keep 'their heads down'. Finally, it says: 'TRUE VISION Police just will not tolerate intolerance. Full stop.'

In case anyone doesn't get it, at the bottom of the home page is a prominent paragraph explaining the reason for the site, alongside a categorical statement from Christian Voice claiming ownership of the site and showing that it is not official (together with a link to the real police site), and links to Christian ministries specialising in healing for the underlying pathologies which lead to homosexual feelings. Other site pages carry Biblical texts about sexuality and repentance.

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, said today: 'Firstly, I completely deny the imaginative accusation of the IAG's Greg Rattey, who is 'Chair of East Herts Reflective Group' whatever that is, and homosexual, that we hacked into the site  and put up the link ourselves.

'There are two possibilities in reality. The most likely is that the IAG people are so stupid and incompetent that they failed to read the site before linking to it. But more worryingly, they may be so illiberal and Christianophobic that they agreed with every absurd over-the-top word. Greg Rattey's own profile talks of "being able to confront religious extremes face on". Perhaps he sees religious extremes lurking around every corner but cannot acknowledge how extreme he himself has become. Certainly, no reasonable person could possibly think that is anything other then a send-up of the hate-crime industry.'

The other links from the Herts IAG website are predictably politically-correct but well over half of them are to campaigning homosexual bodies: the Gay Police Association, recently denounced as liars by the Advertising Standards Authority over the 'Bloody Bible' ad, the Metropolitan Community 'Church', 'Gay Jews', 'Gay Muslims', Lesbian and Gay 'Christians' and 'Out Everywhere.'

However, one link is to a homosexual club in St Albans known as 'Fudge' and there is another link on the 'events' page to a 'LGBT pride' event on 15th July 2006 at the same venue - although the photos show nobody except a lone IAG person, Chris Auker-Howlett. In one picture, an environment-damaging patio heater stands forlorn on a deserted terrace.

But Stephen Green concluded: 'A more recent claim to infamy for 'Fudge' was the holding in September last year of a 'traffic light party,' where wearing the colour green was an announcement that the wearer was sexually available, combined with a "shag-tag night". I wonder how many members of the Hertfordshire Independent Advisory Group arrayed in green shirts and ballgowns trolled down to their endorsed venue for that refined evening out.'