The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.

Cardiff Mardi Gras 2007 - Report

Immediate: 3rd September 2007

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, said today:

"As expected, we had an entirely peaceful and good-natured evangelistic outreach on Saturday 1st September this year at the Cardiff Mardi Gras, the only homosexual event in Wales . South Wales Police made clear they had learnt lessons from last year and the 'Minorities Support Unit' was nowhere to be seen! Around 16 good souls came mostly from Wales from also from England and Scotland . The greater numbers were as a result of my arrest last year; Christians are increasingly standing together and refusing to be silenced by the politically-correct establishment.

"Around half went into the event and listened and talked to those from all backgrounds and persuasions while the rest of us remained at the gates and gave out an updated version of last year's now-famous evangelistic tract with the so-catchy title: 'Same-sex love, same-sex sex, what does the Bible say?' (The one I was arrested last year for handing out).

"The leaflet has probably had its day now, and I should love to see a glossy tract with testimonies of ex-gay men and women next year. The accounts of those who have walked away from the homosexual lifestyle are highly challenging to homosexuals. Gay activists have to pretend the ex-gays do not exist, and they refuse to accept their stories, simply because they give the lie to the 'born that way' myth.

"However, our leaflet as it is struck terror into the stewards, who brought out a shredder and encouraged the punters to throw the 'homophobic literature' away without reading it. So much for freedom of speech. That led to a complaint from us, and they finally desisted at the request of the police. But that episode was encouraging as it showed the power of a simple Gospel tract and the lengths homosexuals will go to, to prevent the truth of their sad condition, their unholy desires and sinful practices coming out, as it were.

"It also allowed us to present the leaflet to the public as 'the one they want to ban' and I was suggesting people put them quickly into their pockets or bags and not let them be seen inside. The young people - and there were a lot of heterosexual kids going to the 'Mardi Gras' because they had nothing better to do - especially liked the idea of receiving a rather dangerous leaflet.

"One disappointing note: Cardiff City Church (United Reformed), had a pro-gay stand. Their minister became quite angry with the evangelists, and hated looking at the word of God. Some of his people were even ripping up our leaflets, such was their contempt for the saving blood of the Lord Jesus Christ mentioned therein. 'The gays' have apparently taken the building over and turned it into something distinctly less than a Christian church. Even the slogan on their teeshirts was, Godless, humanistic and antinomian: 'Be yourself'. Personally, having tried that and found it to lead to the brink of hell, I believe God would rather me be what He wants me to be.

"But there were good conversations with people and we were united in joyful fellowship and prayer both before and after the event. Roll on next year!"


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