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Government's Vadera takes sides on abortion

Immediate: 16.30 hrs 21st October 2007

A Government minister is speaking at a pro-abortion conference this week, contrary to a statement in today's Observer that 'the government would not get drawn into the forthcoming political battle over abortion.'

Shriti, Baroness Vadera, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development, and a crony of Gordon Brown, is set to deliver a speech at the 'Global Safe Abortion' conference on Tuesday, run by abortion multinational Marie Stopes International.

A Whitehall source told the Observer: "Our position has been, is and will continue to be that it's a matter for Parliament."

But Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, said that position had been undermined by Baroness Vadera's attendance.  'By permitting Shriti Vadera to turn up at such a high-profile event promoting abortion on demand, the Government has done just what they said they wouldn't do - they have been drawn into the battle and have allied themselves to abortion-on-demand extremists,' he said.

The move comes as the Archbishop of Canterbury expressed anger over the way abortion is being treated as normal.  'We are losing our moral focus' over the issue, he said.

Stephen Green said: 'It is especially disturbing to have a Government spokeswoman of Indian origin supporting abortion on demand given the abuses of abortion in India . Selective foeticide has resulted in a gender imbalance of 80 girls being born for every 100 boys.  Clearly the Hindu dowry system is partly to blame, but abortion on demand in India is the evil which allows such an injustice to be done.  For Shriti Vadera to go and support abortion on demand knowing about the misogyny it encourages in India is simply callous.'

Christian Voice is planning to distribute a leaflet condemning the practice of abortion in the area surrounding the Queen Elizabeth II conference centre during the conference.

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