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Immediate: 16.30 hrs 26th October 2007

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The decision by the Government to vaccinate schoolgirls against some of the viruses which cause cervical cancer has been condemned by a Christian prayer and lobby group. 

Christian Voice has also found links between one of the drug companies involved and the cancer charity – Jo’s Trust - at the forefront of the vaccination campaign.

Christian Voice points out that no vaccine is effective against more than 70% of strains of the Human Papilloma Virus, the main cause of cervical cancer and genital warts.  The group also says that the message that women will still have to go for screening will be lost, along with the lives of some who think they are totally protected.

Indeed, as many will think they have more protection than they have, the vaccine will encourage promiscuity, lower the use of condoms, which are not 100% effective against disease anyway, and lead to more teenage pregnancy and more sexually-transmitted disease.

At £300 for a course, twenty-five times the cost of the equally-controversial MMR, administering the vaccine will be an expensive exercise in futility, the group suggests.  The main beneficiary will not be women, but drug multinationals Merck, who make Gardasil and Glaxo-Smith-Kline (GSK), manufacturers of Cervarix.

Cervical cancer charity Jo's Trust, which is funded by GSK, has welcomed the announcement of a nation-wide programme of vaccination in secondary schools, as if Gardasil and Cervarix are perfectly safe and 100% effective 'wonder drugs', which they are not.

Given that the desperation to get the vaccine licensed means that there have been no long-term follow-up studies, and we could be lining women up for medical problems, Christian Voice has warned.

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, said today:

'Although the Government have said that parents will have the final say about whether their daughters are vaccinated, I expect school health outreach workers from Primary Care Trusts and the like will be giving these vaccines to young girls behind their parents' backs.

‘Since the vaccine works best before the onset of sexual activity, they will be treating these girls, to put it bluntly, like tarts, saying they expect them to be sexually incontinent, lacking in self-respect and the basic morality required to keep their virginity.

'The message is one of despair, disrespect and low expectations. Anyone giving this drug to a girl is telling her: "I think you are a slag".

‘It could be objected that as men are carriers of Human Papilloma Virus, a woman who marries as a virgin can catch HPV from her husband if he has slept around before marrying.  That only reinforces our message to stay a virgin and marry a virgin.  But the logic of the objection demands the vaccine also be given to schoolboys, which the Government will not do because it would double the cost if there was maximum take-up, and embarrass them if boys and their parents said ‘This is a women’s disease, why bother?’  The drugs have been tested on men and boys but not even to the limited extent that they have on women.

'But the vaccination will inevitably raise promiscuity, teenage pregnancy and, worst of all, infertility. Young women will be thinking they have more protection than they actually have. The benefits will be talked up to encourage take-up and the negatives, like the mere 70% effectiveness, the adverse reactions, including deaths, and the lack of any long-term follow-up downplayed.  The continued need to go for screening is a subject which will be finessed or even avoided.

Hardy anyone will bother to warn girls that they are not protected against other sexually-transmitted diseases.  Certainly, no-one will be honest enough to say that even condoms offer barely any protection against sexually-transmitted diseases either. Chlamydia, which causes infertility, is already affecting one in ten teenagers. That figure is set to rise as a result of Gardasil, and infertility will rise with it.

'I have a horrible feeling that as all the targets to do with teenage sexual activity are based around pregnancy, those in power will actually be pleased if more young people become infertile, because they won't figure in the pregnancy statistics.

'The best way of not getting cervical cancer and genital warts is to stay a virgin and marry a virgin. Why don't these officials want young people to do that? Why don't we raise their expectations and ours and treat them with some respect?  Could it be that there is no money in it?'

‘Even the cervical cancer charity Jo’s Trust is getting almost 10% of its money from Glaxo Smith Kline.  Of course they will be in favour of the vaccines.’

'I have a nagging feeling that Gardasil is going to leave misery in its wake.'


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