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6th April 2008

Support has come for a Bridgend JP at the centre of a row about homosexuality and paedophilia.

Byron Butler said that many thought homosexual men were paedophiles. He said "Well, I think probably it's a suspicion of the mainstream that they perhaps will interfere with young people and so on and that's historically been the case. That is the danger'.

Mr Butler was interviewed for a pro-homosexual edition of BBC1 Wales's 'Week in Week Out' in which Ian Watkins ('H' in Steps) went around being shocked that ordinary people were still antipathetic to homosexuality. Stephen Green, the National Director of Christian Voice, was also interviewed for the programme.

Mr Butler, who is 67, has stood down as a JP while the Office of Judicial Complaints investigates.

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, said this afternoon:

'It is significant that nobody from inside the homosexual network ever actually denies that gay men have a higher propensity than heterosexual men for targeting adolescent and pubescent boys. It all goes along the lines of surprise that people say so and hurt feelings. The views of Byron Butler are based on fact, but it is the additional fact that it is politically incorrect to express them which has got him into trouble.

'When I investigated homosexuality for my book 'The Sexual Dead-End', I discovered that homosexual men were grossly over-represented in child-sex offences, compared with their tiny numbers - around 1% - in the male population as a whole. Every paedophile campaigning group was founded and run by mainstream homosexual activists. A joke on the recruiting group 'Gay Switchboard' was that a paedophile was someone who fancied boys younger than you did. When Keith Hose, Chairman of the Paedophile Information Exchange, asked activists of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality to stand if they could honestly say they had no sexual interest in children, one third stayed in their seats. When you realise that adolescents and boys in puberty are not considered as 'children' in such circles, that figure is even more shocking.

'Christian Voice will be making representations to the Office of Judicial Complaints to ensure that this witchhunt of an innocent man is brought swiftly to an end.'