The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.


9th May 2008

A senior police officer has been criticised for blaming parents for the murder of Kodjo Yenga, whose killers were convicted today.

Det Supt Matthew Horne said: "Some of the boys were only 13 when they committed these crimes - children, only just teenagers. "To their parents I would ask them this: what were your kids doing? Where did you think they were at the times these boys were so brutally killed?

"That's a message to all of us who are parents, we have to take some responsibility to ensure our children are brought up as honest and decent human beings."

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, said today:

'We live in a society where all moral boundaries have been overturned. Those at the top, politicians, celebrities, even chief police officers, set lamentable standards of honesty and decency. The death penalty, rightly imposed on the guilty by the state, was abolished and by means of abortion imposed on the innocent within the family. Of course innocent human life is devalued by that. Even Supt Horne's own boss, Sir Ian Blair, refused to take responsibility for the death of an innocent man shot by his force at Stockwell Tube. No-one will ever be convicted of that atrocity.  Nor will any police officer be brought to book for murdering Nigerian tourist Frank Ogburo by kneeling on his throat during a minor row as the desperate man cried in vain that he couldn't breathe.

'Divorce on demand is removing fathers from families, immoral sex educators are sexualising children and encouraging perversion. With no boundaries, can we wonder why young girls try to seek the love they so desire in casual sexual encounters knowing there is no financial problem if they become mothers as a result?

'Schools are now working behind parents' backs, handing our contraceptives and arranging abortions to children for whom they would need the parents' permission to give an aspirin. The Government is about to legislate to say fathers aren't even needed in families. How is a mother on her own supposed to restrain an adolescent son? And the police have waded in setting up diversity units promoting the idea that the evil of homosexuality is perfectly normal.

'For Superintendent Horne to "blame the parents" is far too simplistic. To insist that parents know where their children are takes no account of the reality of the fractured family life which successive governments have ensured exists up and down the land. If he cannot take responsibility for the way those in power have removed Christian morality, leaving Kodjo Yenga's murderers with the idea that human life doesn't matter, he could as least have the decency to hold his hand up to Jean Charles de Menezes' murder and to the police squandering valuable resources on stupid social engineering, normalising perversion, rather than on good honest coppering.

'Ordinary people have a right to be angry at the way our godless elite have wrecked Christian morality in this country and the impact that is now making on our everyday lives.'