The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.


13th May 2008

The abolition of the blasphemy laws received Royal Assent on 8th May, and to celebrate, the atheists of the National Secular Society plan to do something they could safely have done even while the laws were still in existence.

They are going to hold a secret private party 'at a central London venue' at lunchtime on Saturday 21st June at which they can all blaspheme to each other.

The event, for which all tickets have already been sold, is to be called the 'Bye Bye Blasphemy Party'. The NSS say it will feature 'a gorgeous buffet lunch' and 'entertainment'.

Their centre-piece, the bravest and most defiant thing they can think of doing, is to have Sir Ian McKellen reading the 'Gay News poem', The love that dares to speak its name.

The secluded Jesus-haters will thrill to the sound of the 'gay' actor intoning a pornographic homosexual fantasy of what a Roman soldier wanted to do with the crucified body of Christ.

Terry Sanderson and Keith Pompous Wood, the homosexual partners-in-perversion who run the National Secular Society, also plan 'special guests' and 'loads of surprises'.

One surprise they won't want their 'special guests' to have is to be confronted by a Christian witness and evangelists outside the venue. So they aren't saying where it is.

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, said today:

'The funny thing is, the mad and the bad could easily have shut themselves up in a room somewhere and read James Kirkup's dirge to their hearts' content at any time during the last thirty years. No-one would have known, and no-one will know this time, even when they proudly claim afterwards to have done it.

'The blasphemy laws have been abolished, but there could never have been a prosecution for blasphemy over this hole-in-corner event while the laws were still in existence anyway. Where would a prosecutor find the evidence? Even if McKellen were to excite his audience with his stunt of tearing anti-gay pages out of a Bible as an encore, no-one would ever know.

'If they announced the venue and made the occasion open to the public, that would be different. But they daren't do that.

'It just goes to show that despite abolition of the blasphemy laws, no-one with any sense is going to insult Jesus Christ publicly in the United Kingdom . No theatre will risk putting on a blasphemous show after what happened to 'Jerry Springer the Opera', broadcasters aren't going to risk a deluge of mail descending on their directors or governors, and supermarkets won't stock blasphemous DVDs. In the arts, Anita Zabludowicz will never show her blasphemous statue of Jesus Christ in public again, because she knows what will happen to it.

'And if the fanatics of the NSS don't dare to blaspheme in the open, it is hard to see who will.

'So it really is "Bye bye blasphemy", and not at all in the way they meant.'