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17.00 hrs Sunday 17th June 2008

The Government plan to roll out school sex clinics after a pilot in schools in Bristol . A BBC web report named three professionals with vested interests in teen sex supporting it, and one schoolgirl.

This morning, Lutterworth Grammar School was reported as having handed out 345 morning-after pills behind parents' backs:

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, said today:

'It won't be hard to find school children who will welcome this idea, and the teen sex industry will be loving it.

'It is both irresponsible and arrogant of schools to interfere in children's intimate lives and to encourage them into illicit premature sexual activity.

'The sort of peculiar people who get a buzz out of encouraging school children into adolescent sex should not be allowed anywhere near them.

'Schools have no business bringing in sexual health workers, who don't know the children and care about them even less, to go behind parents' backs. There was an outcry when Melissa Smith had an abortion in Mansfield with out the knowledge of her mother, who had to pick up the pieces afterwards. Yet Melissa would not have been allowed to take a paracetamol without her mother's say-so. How many other children are being betrayed by schools like Melissa was?

'Studies show that teenagers are notoriously bad at using contraceptives properly. And even if they do, condoms are pathetic at preventing sexually-transmitted diseases. We shall see an increase in teenage pregnancies and abortions unless the morning-after pill gets the government out of that hole, and it is certain that more young people, boys as well as girls, will end up infertile or bearing life-long genital diseases.

'As the Governments' targets all centre around pregnancy, no-one in the corridors of power cares if children become infertile through diseases like Chlamydia. They may even welcome it.

'There is a vast industry now dependent upon getting teenagers using contraceptives. There is no money in chastity. Saving sex for marriage is the one message children need to hear and the only one the Government refuses to bring.

'It is odd the way we devote even more effort teaching children to say 'yes' to sex than we do to getting them to say 'no' to smoking and drugs.

'This policy will leave misery in its wake.'