The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.


15.00 hrs 2nd August 2007

A small but dedicated group of Christians witnessed at the 'gay and lesbian' 'Brighton Pride' this morning. In addition, a number of evangelists mingled with the crowds, giving out Christian literature and sharing the Gospel both before and after the parade went past.

'Brighton Pride' is billed as Europe's biggest homosexual event, and is now so heavily endorsed by the establishment that the police, ambulance service, fire-fighters and local media openly joined the thousands of homosexuals and hangers-on in their annual display of sexual depravity.

A contingent of police officers around the Christian witness and the steady rain ensured there would be none of last year's trouble, when a number of drunken activists threw bottles and cans, most of them empty, at the Christians.

But once again, the Chief Constable of Sussex Police gave his stamp of approval to the exhibition of lawlessness as his senior officers led the parade.

One local Christian observed that many of those taking part were or had been taking drugs. In addition, the ban on drinking in a public place was lifted for the duration.

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, said today: 'The theme of this year's parade was supposed to be 'Pride Around the World' but you would never have guessed. It was just the same old music from the floats, the same obscene pelvic thrusts, the same parading of semi-naked flesh, the same idolatrous adulation of the male form.

'The participants were, as usual, overwhelmingly white. Perhaps the funniest example of the lack of any real 'around the world' involvement was the 'Free Zimbabwe' float, which had not one African participant. Homosexuality, of course, is completely beyond the pale in African culture - as it was in ours until fairly recently.

'A bemused populace looked on as the display of degradation went past, bringing shame and judgment on Brighton and our nation. One of our placards said "The wicked walk on every side when the vilest men are exalted." As our rulers exalt evil, so the wickedness strengthens its grip. It is a matter of sowing and reaping. But even in the midst of wickedness, "God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." (John 3:16)

'May God have mercy on us.'