The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.


Dated 6th September 2008 20.00 hrs

A homosexual event planned for Cardiff squelched to a halt this weekend. Heavy rain through Friday reduced the Coopers Fields area of Bute Park to quagmire.

No go: Coopers Fields turned into a quagmire.

Members of Christian Voice, a Christian prayer and lobby group, met on Thursday evening to pray for the annual evangelistic outreach for the event. They also prayed that God would visit financial disaster on the organisers, who were charging an entrance fee for the first time, after a lack of support for the normal free event.

But Friday's deluge of rain over South East Wales meant the entire event had to be cancelled.

The evangelism moved to Queens Street in central Cardiff , where the top of Churchill Way was closed off by a local bar for an alternative homosexual party.

But with tickets at £15 a piece, the venue was struggling to entice custom as heavy showers continued to drive in.

Evangelistic hot dogs heat up the Gospel.

Meanwhile, a bigger evangelistic team than ever before gave out leaflets entitled: 'Cardiff Pride: what would Jesus say?'

Homosexual activists showed their normal regard for the freedom of speech by demanding that local police stop the witness, but the police simply asked for a copy of the leaflet and allowed the witness to continue.

Leafleting the crowds.

Not every alcopop activist is impressed

PRAY: Praise the Lord for the deluge which left the Cardiff 'Gay Pride' committee with no option but to cancel their show. Pray that the message that Jesus Christ saves sinners will enter into just one heart as a result of our outreach.