The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.


Dated 13th October 2008 20.30 hrs

Betterware have removed two products from sale in a victory for Christian witness. The housewares firm has stopped selling its voodoo candle and voodoo gingerbread set in an embarrassing turn-around.

The action follows a quick-fire prayer campaign by Christian Voice following a news item on Premier Christian Radio featuring just one concerned mother. Christian Voice members responded to an E-Alert by emailing the CEO of Betterware, Ken Wolfe, and writing to the chairman Andrew Cohen and his wife Wendy, who run the Betterware Foundation.

They specifically prayed against the evil influence of the products and the idea that witchcraft is just a bit of fun.

The product description for the voodoo gingerbread candle was particularly bad. 'Do you have issues with an ex?' it asked. 'Someone has wronged you?' 'Now you can get your own back.' 'Get your revenge'. The candle had five wicks: one on the forehead, one on the heart, one on a hand, one on a foot and one in what appeared to be the genital area. It came in a coffin-shaped box, while a disclaimer said jokingly: 'Betterware take no responsibility should anything bad happen!'

The voodoo gingerbread pastry set had rolling pin, mat, cookie cutter and recipe card. It said 'don't stick pins in people, eat them'. Both products have now been taken off sale, after a week-long campaign by Christian Voice activists. It is thought that some Betterware agents were deeply unhappy at selling products based on hate and the infliction of harm.

Stephen Green of Christian Voice said: 'This episode shows how vigilant we must be, but also the power of prayer and the effectiveness of Christian witness. We give God all the glory for changing the hearts of Mr Wolfe and Mr & Mrs Cohen, so our members can be sure they have prayed with the mind of God.'

NOTE: CLICK HERE for a Google cache of the defunct product page.