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Dated 7th June 2009 10.00 hrs

A Christian group has vowed to support parents at a primary school in Kent which has subjected children to homosexual propaganda.

Parents were incensed when their children were left 'confused and worried' after a school assembly at Bromstone Primary School in Broadstairs , Kent was used to promote homosexuality to the sound of Elton John recordings.

Parents were not even consulted about the subject or content of the assembly, and said the content left their children afraid to show affection to each other in case that might give rise to sexual taunts from bullies.

But the prayer and lobby group Christian Voice is now intending to contact the parents and support them in their fight to keep homosexual propaganda out of Bromstone school. Earlier this year, the group helped set up an action group in Waltham Forest after two primary schools, George Tomlinson and Jenny Hammond in Leytonstone, taught children about homosexuality against the expressed wishes of the parents.

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, said: 'Homosexual propaganda is growing in primary schools. It is always presented as a means to counteract so-called 'homophobic bullying', but such teaching actually increases name calling and taunts of 'gay' and 'lezzie' as it gives bullies an extra weapon they may not have thought of. The experience of the parents at Bromstone Primary, who say the children are now afraid to cuddle each other, bears this out.

'Such teaching is highly inappropriate, and has been likened elsewhere to school sexual abuse. Indeed, if children were taught positive images of homosexuality in any other context, we should regard it as grooming for sex.

'The fact that parents were not consulted shows that the head, Nigel Utton, knew what he was doing would not be supported by the parents of the children for whom he acts in loco parentis. He abused his position of trust and knew from the start he was in the wrong.

'The content was not about "relationships and liking people" as Mr Utton maintained.  It was shameless promotion of a form of behaviour most parents find deviant and distasteful.

'We shall be making contact with the parents with the intention of getting an action group going. Parents everywhere now need to be on their guard. They have a God-given duty to protect their children from harm. We shall do all we can to help them.'