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Dated 13th March 2009 10.00 hrs

Christians are supporting parents at a primary school in Leytonstone which last month subjected children to homosexual propaganda.

Around 30 parents kept their children off school when George Tomlinson primary school in Vernon Road, Leytonstone, used books promoting homosexuality in February, which homosexual activists have decided is 'Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender History Month.'

Christian Voice members gave out leaflets entitled 'Say no to school sexual abuse' to parents at the school gate this morning. The leaflets explained how 'relationships' teaching promoting homosexuality can damage children and increase playground bullying. They urged parents to protect their children from damaging influences.

Christian Voice also pledged in the leaflets to support any parents who are taken to court for keeping their children away from school, and promised to help with setting up meetings.

There was huge support for the Christians from the parents, who at times were queuing up for leaflets. Only a small group of well-spoken white parents took issue with the exercise, claiming it was inappropriate.

The school head was also angry that Christians should come and support parents, and called the police. However, the police decided it was wise not to interfere with the freedom of speech and freedom of assembly of those giving out the leaflets.

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice said afterwards: 'It ws good to make contact with parents who are deeply concerned that their children are at risk of sexual abuse in school. We shall be building on the contacts made to raise more awareness of a problem which appears to be growing in our schools.

'With compulsory sex education gathering pace, and homosexuality being promoted in the classroom, parents will need to be on their guard. They have a God-given duty to protect their children from harm. We shall do all we can to help them.'