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Thursday 15th October 2009

Singer's last hours reveal homosexual mores

As Stephen Gately's body is flown home, it has been revealed that the Boyzone singer, found dead after an eight-hour drinking spree in a Majorcan gay bar, probably succumbed to a sudden and unexpected heart attack.

News has also surfaced that while in the bar with his 'civil partner' Andrew Cowles, the latter - or both of them - picked up a Bulgarian homosexual, Georgi Dochev, and took him back to their luxury apartment.

While Gately, 33, slept on the sofa, Cowles and Dochev went off to the bedroom. Dochev found Gatley in the morning in what has been described as 'a prayer-like position'. His body is being repatriated to Ireland .

But a Christian prayer and lobby group has said the singer's last hours are uncomfortably revealing about the perverted standards of behaviour in the homosexual world.

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, said today:

'The death of Stephen Gately may have been neither drink or drugs-induced, nor prevented if he had been found earlier, but its manner still speaks volumes about the lack of true feelings homosexual men can have for each other.

'Here we have two men in a civil partnership, Gately and Cowles, supposedly publicly committed to each other, cruising for sex with other men in a gay bar. Cowles picks up Dochev and they take him back to their flat. There Gately decides that he will leave the bed to his 'partner' and the stranger he has taken fancy to, and occupies the sofa. Maybe there was a row, maybe there wasn't, but such activities are routine in the homosexual world.

'When I researched my book "The Sexual Dead-End" I found that sometimes there are stories of jealousies, as in the case of Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell - which led to Orton's death, and at other times the pair are equally happy with the arrangement, either sharing the stranger or taking perverse pleasure in each others extra-relational affairs.

'Homosexuals may try to justify Gately's and Cowles' behaviour by saying that some heterosexual couples get up to similar things with strangers. But there are orders of magnitude of difference. Defiling the marital bed with 'threesomes' is rare and leads inevitably to bitterness. In the sordid homosexual world it is mainstream for a pair of gays or lesbians to invite others into their corruption and even to be involved in orgies.

'That must be because their world is defined by sex and rebellion from civilised sexual mores. Once they have set themselves on the path of depravity, further deviation from God-given ethics is inevitable.

'One day, western society will wake up the fact that the supposed equality which our leaders want to enforce between heterosexual love and marriage on the one hand and homosexual activity on the other is null and void. A system based on a lie cannot survive. Whether Secularism's demise will be as a result of the resurgence of Christianity or a takeover by Islam is the only point of conjecture, but fall it will.

'In the meantime, if Stephen Gately's death serves as a warning to millions of Boyzone fans not to get involved in his heartless world of degradation and depravity it will not have been in vain. I just hope he was praying in repentance when he died, praying for God to forgive him his sins by the merits of the blood of Jesus Christ, asking for release for his tortured mind and fellowship with the God who alone has power to forgive and restore. I pray to see Gately in heaven, repentant, forgiven, restored, washed clean in the blood of Jesus. Amen.'