The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.

Council moves against proposed megamosque

Thursday 28th January 2010

The Times is reporting that the plans of an extremist Muslim sect for a 'megamosque' in West Ham have collapsed. Tablighi Jamaat have failed to submit a planning application, following a three-year prayer campaign at the site by Christian Voice.  The sect, closely linked to Muslim terrorists, has been living on borrowed time since October 2006.  That is when temporary planning permission for use of the old chemical plant's offices at Abbey Mills as a place of worship expired.  Christian Voice members have prayed at the site every first Saturday in the month since January 2007.

Newham Council have now issued an enforcement notice, 'investigating all options, including compulsory purchase'. Much credit is due to Cllr Alan Craig, who has kept up a solid campaign in Newham council since Tablighi Jamaat's ambitions for a 12,000-seater mosque were unveiled.  However, Cllr Craig is expecting the sect to appeal. 'This is just a set-back for this group, not the end of the story,' he warned yesterday.

The Times also reported that Tablighi Jamaat's architects are not working on the plans and their public relations firm is no longer formally engaged.  This last specifically shows the power of prayer, as we have prayed constantly for confusion in the mosque and disruption to the work of architects Allies Morrison and PR firm Indigo Public Affairs. We have also prayed for Muslims to turn from their dead prophet to the living Saviour and for the United Kingdom to return to the King of kings and to our Christian constitution.

The Lord has not yet answered the latter prayers, as Britain has become every more brutal and godless in that time, with persecution beginning against Christians at work, while the Government is now openly attacking the Church in its Equality Bill.

But He has heard the prayers of His people against Islamic ambition in West Ham.  I believe he calls us now to press in to ensure there is yet a use for the Abbey Mills site which honours the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no doubt that the 'Allah' Muslims worship is not the same being as the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.  And if Christians do not stand up for the Cross of Christ, we may well be condemning our land to bow to the crescent moon of Allah.

NEXT PRAYER MEETING at the site: 6th February 2010
We shall meet at West Ham Station (E15 3BN) at 10.30am sharp to set off for the Greenway overlooking the site of the proposed megamosque.  We finish at 12.30pm. West Ham Station is on the Fenchurch Street line to Southend, and on the Metropolitan and City, District and Jubilee underground lines.  Check with for 'planned engineering works' to the Tube.

If you come late to West Ham, turn right out of the station, turn right along Manor Road, under the railway bridge, across the roundabout (you can park there down Jack Clow Road), turn right onto the path just before the second bridge and turn left up the steps. Turn left at the top of the steps onto the Greenway and walk a hundred yards to overlook the site.

Put yourself out to come and stand up for Christ whatever the weather and be challenged and blessed!  (Phil 1:27-29).

These meetings are always on the first Saturday of the month and we are not giving up. In the words of the late football manager Bill Shankley: 'It's not over till it's over; it's not even over when it's over.' Future dates: 6th March, 3rd April. The Lord is honouring our persistence; we are now in our 4th year of prayer at this site, and seeing results!

Continue in prayer; watch in the same with thanksgiving. ( Col 4:2 KJV)