The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.


Monday 15th February 2010

It would have taken a heart of stone not to be touched by the story of how rugby international Gareth Thomas had fought homosexual desires throughout his rugby career and marriage.

Thomas is Wales 's most capped player, with 100 internationals to his name before he retired in 2007 following his captaincy of Wales to the rugby world cup. He also led Wales to a grand slam in 2005 and won three caps for the British Lions, whom he also captained. He continues at the moment to play for the Welsh region Cardiff Blues.

His marriage to teenage sweetheart Jemma came to an end after he told her of his homosexual feelings. Sadly, Jemma had three heart-breaking miscarriages during their four-year marriage.

Thomas announced publicly that he was homosexual in December 2009, after first confiding in Welsh coach Scott Johnson in 2006. He says Welsh team-mates Stephen Jones and Martyn Williams were supportive, with the latter saying he would never have thought it.

After the public announcement, Robert Norster, the Cardiff Blues chief executive, said, rightly in many people's view, 'His private life is his own concern.'

Where sympathy for Thomas evaporates is that he has made his predilections about as public as it is possible to do. On top of that, according to homosexual website 'PinkNews,' which quoted a statement he gave on the subject, he has now become patron of 'LGBT History Month'.

Jake Dyos and Adam Ward were helping run the SchoolsOUT and LGBT History Month stall, and also in the parade. Photo: Chris Walker

'LGBT' means 'lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual' and the 'History Month' is a shameful propaganda exercise run every February by Schools Out', a gay activist organisation dedicated to promoting sodomy to school-children under the guise of anti-bullying.

Thomas says he wants to be 'hands-on' in the organisation that claims the Roman paedophile Hadrian as a great historical role-model of a gay man.

We are all opposed to bullying, but there is no evidence that the propaganda favoured by 'Schools Out' and other gay activists reduces homosexual name-calling. In fact it is more likely that it gives bullies a new weapon to use against a tom-boyish girl or studious boy.

Indeed, parents at George Tomlinson Primary school in Leytonstone, London, where a week of such teaching was held last year, said their little daughters became afraid afterwards to hold hands in the playground for fear of being called a 'lezzie' by bullies.

The teaching materials given to children - as young as five - included books like 'And Tango Makes Three' about two male penguins hatching an egg, which is designed to make adoption of children by pairs of homosexuals seem acceptable.

Another book was called 'King and king'. In it a prince rejects suitable princesses and 'marries' another prince. Parents of children at the school spoke of 'grooming' and 'sexual abuse', and complained that their children's innocence was being violated by exposure to what is by any measure a seamy side of life.

In adolescence, pro-sodomy teaching in secondary school can easily turn an adolescent phase of same-sex attraction, which many girls and boys go through, into a fixed orientation. Gareth Thomas is urging such children to identify themselves as homosexual, and to inhibit their normal development into heterosexuality. That is a wicked thing to do to impressionable young people. The Lord Jesus Christ spoke about millstones being tied around the necks of those who lead children astray.

The fact is, if Gareth Thomas had followed his own advice, as he himself admits, he would not have won 100 international caps - or possibly even one. His talent would have been lost to the game. And it is wishful thinking to believe that the rugby pitch is any less a cruel and unforgiving place today than it was then. Teams and their supporters will use anything to unsettle an opponent. The Football Association recently failed to gain support for its 'anti-homophobia' video from any professional footballer.

Peter Tatchell claims that there are 50 homosexual footballers out of the 500 who are playing, but he is stuck in a 1960's Kinsey time-warp. The true figure is around 1% of the population, not 10%, and in the macho world of football, there may be 1 or 2. If they are wise they will keep quiet. If they are properly advised, they will seek healing.

There are more contradictions in the Gareth Thomas story. He says he is homosexual, yet he plainly had a fully-fledged physical relationship with his wife Jemma. That would make him bisexual at worst. He said he did not want to be known as a 'gay rugby player', but that is exactly how homosexual website PinkNews describes him. He hopes his sexuality will be 'irrelevant' to his career, yet he is portraying himself as an unashamed gay activist by his association with LGBT History Month. He wants to 'send a positive message' to 'other gay people' especially those considering a career in sport. Yet his own testimony screams: 'Wait until you have safely retired from international sport before coming out.'

Most right-thinking people would be appalled that sex in any form and sodomy in particular is being thrust down small children's throats, yet that is what Gareth Thomas is now promoting. It would be understandable if any club associated with him came to be tarred with the same brush. Right-thinking people do not like sodomy being promoted to children.

Thomas himself admits to feelings of deep shame after each early homosexual encounter. This is not untypical of homosexual life stories and reflects the operation of his God-given conscience. Sadly, his prayers to be released from his homosexual desires, which the Bible calls 'vile affections', went unanswered.

The tragedy is that there are Christian ministries which help with sexual healing, but apart from the occasional media foray they stay under the radar for fear of reprisals from gay activists. If Gareth Thomas had come across one of those ministries, he might have found fulfilment as a complete man and still be happily married to the woman he says he still loves.

There was a conference a couple of weeks ago at which men and women who have been set free from homosexual desires through the Lord Jesus Christ shared their experiences. So same-sex attraction is not fixed and immutable. People can be healed and they have changed. Jesus Christ saves today and heals today. No-one has to 'stay gay'. It is our prayer that even now Gareth Thomas will find such healing, be put in touch with those who can share its reality with him, and walk away from the lifestyle he is now promoting.

But in the meantime, promoting homosexuality to school children is beyond the pale and we shall make every effort to resist him in such an unholy pro-gay campaign.