The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.


Tuesday 23rd February 2010


The Conservative Party leader has offered asylum to African homosexuals in an interview with a homosexual magazine.

Writing in Attitude, David Cameron also agreed with Nick Clegg, who wrote in the same magazine last month that faith schools should teach that sodomy is 'normal and harmless'. Cameron, in his turn, promised 'ground rules' to force church schools to 'teach equality' and that there was 'nothing wrong with being gay'.

'I think we can look gay people in the eye and say: "You can now back us - because we now support gay equality",' Cameron gushed.

He even urged the Church of England to embrace gay rights. Displaying ignorance of Christian theology and totalitarian arrogance, he called on Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, to follow in his footsteps. 'I don't want to get into a huge row with the Archbishop here, but the Church has to do some of the things that the Conservative Party has been through,' he said. 'Sorting this issue out and recognising that full equality is a bottom-line, full essential.'

But it is Cameron's approach to asylum which has drawn the headlines. He told his homosexual audience: 'If you are fleeing persecution and that fear is well-founded, then you should be able to stay.

'As I understand it, the 1951 Convention [on the rights of refugees] doesn't mention sexuality, but because it mentions membership of a social group, that phrase is being used by the courts, rightly, to say that if someone has a realistic fear of persecution they should be allowed to stay.'

'If you have a legitimate fear of persecution, then it seems to me that it is a perfectly legitimate reason to stay,' he said.

Mr Cameron also called for an end to the ban on gays giving blood, saying: 'Logic would dictate that it's time to change.' The ban was introduced to stop HIV/AIDS being transmitted, mainly to haemophiliacs, in the 1980s.

Homosexual men remain the largest reservoir of HIV in the UK and have gone back to unsafe sexual practices since the introduction of HAART - Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Treatment - which makes it possible to live with AIDS.

The blood-borne disease AIDS/HIV is also very prevalent amongst homosexual African men, according to a study in the Lancet reported in the homosexual news service Pink News. They are ten times more likely to have the disease than their straight counterparts, in a continent ravaged by the disease because of unsafe medical practices. By a peculiar co-incidence, that news broke just as Cameron's interview was being published.

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice said today:

'It is absolute nonsense to pretend that African homosexuals are a 'social group.' Homosexuality is abhorrent to Africans, homosexuals are rare and 'gay pride' parades are viewed with disgust on the continent, as a result of higher standards of sexual morality.  Sodomy is seen very much as a white mans' game. That we even allow gays to adopt children in the UK is met by Africans with incomprehension.

'But Africans are very resourceful, and some will be adept at passing themselves off as homosexual just to gain entry to what they think is a land where the streets are paved with gold. They will find the reality very different.

'Coupled with Cameron's politically-correct but irresponsible call for those who practice buggery to be allowed to give blood, and the prevalence of HIV/AIDS especially amongst homosexuals in Africa, and Cameron could just as well be calling for more HIV/AIDS patients, putting further strain on the NHS. It costs over half-a-million pounds to treat each AIDS patient with HAART over the remainder of his life. And the risk of contamination to blood stocks from the raft of exotic diseases routinely carried by homosexual men is very real.

'As to forcing schools to teach that sodomy is normal and harmless, or in Cameron's words, 'embedding' it and saying that there is 'nothing wrong with it', the influence of his pro-gay kitchen cabinet is evident, and also totally out of step with what the majority of parents expect of their children's schools.

'There is no commitment from Cameron to give asylum to Christians fleeing persecution, which is what a Christian country should do. But I guess as Cameron is a secularist, clearly wanting to drive the United Kingdom into some secularist utopia, asylum in his eyes should be given to those who despise the laws of Almighty God at the expense of those who honour them.

'We have the sad spectacle of the main political party leaders trying to be 'gayer than thou', falling over themselves to court the vote merely of a perverted one percent of the population. That should make decent people unable to vote for any of them.

'We are close to living in the days of Lot , where homosexuality was approved and promoted and even forced on visitors, while faith in God and righteousness were persecuted. I am just praying for Christian candidates to stand for righteousness in the coming general election to give a voice to those of us who do not want the UK to travel the road of Sodom and Gomorrah.'

PRAY: For the Lord to raise up Christian candidates and provide the finances needed for them to fight an election campaign so as to be elected. Pray for mercy for this land and judgment on anti-Christ politicians like Nick Clegg and David Cameron. May their political houses fall.