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Saturday 13th March 2010

The Conservative Party has published a list of its homosexual candidates standing for election this year. The Tories have 20 'out' gay candidates, with 11 happy to be named.

The party has three professing homosexual MPs - Nick Herbert, Alan Duncan and Greg Barker - with a further 5 of the 11 likely to be elected.

One of the 11 is a woman. Millionairess Margot James is standing for Stourbridge, and is a prominent advisor to David Cameron. She would form a 'sisterhood' with Labour's pensions minister Angela Eagle, currently the only lesbian in the House of Commons. Candidate Nick Boles is also a member of Cameron's inner circle.

According to the homosexual news site Pink News, 'gay political commentator Iain Dale has speculated that the Conservatives have between 20 and 30 out gay candidates, with many standing for winnable seats.'

The Times estimated that if the Tories win a majority of ten, they will have slightly more 'out' gay MPs than Labour currently has. The shock for Christian voters is that the Conservatives are actually proud of having people standing who define themselves by their sexual perversion.

In response to criticisms of his recent pro-gay statements in 'Attitude' magazine,'David Cameron's Correspondence Unit' is now boasting that the Party has 'three openly gay members' of its front bench and that 'David has made clear that he is proud that the Party fully supported civil partnerships.' Last year Cameron apologised for his party's introduction of Section 28, which banned the promotion of sodomy in the classroom, and this year he echoed Nick Clegg by calling for faith schools to be forced to teach that homosexuality is natural and harmless. Cameron then went further and announced he would offer political asylum to African homosexuals.

Already MP's:

  • Greg Barker, Bexhill and Battle
  • Alan Duncan, Rutland and Melton
  • Nick Herbert, Arundel and South Downs
  • In winnable seats:
  • Margot James, 52, Stourbridge
  • David Gold, 37, Eltham
  • Nick Boles, 44, Grantham
  • Iain Stewart, 27, Milton Keynes South
  • Mark Coote, 49, Cheltenham

Less likely to win:

  • Nick King, 44, Mid Dorset and North Poole
  • Matthew Sephton, 34, Salford and Eccles
  • Simon Nayyar, 42, Hackney South and Shoreditch

Not listed:

  • Mike Freer, standing for Finchley & Golders Green

Being mentioned as potential candidates: Previous Falmouth candidate Ashley Crossley, blogger Iain Dale, actor Adam Rickitt, and Tory Central Office hack Dan Ritterband.

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