The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.


By Stephen Green

Our good friends at Premier Radio are running a campaign 'My Promise to Vote'. They urge listeners to complete a form to be sent to the Speaker and MPs. It says: 'I promise to vote in the 2010 General Election using my Christian conscience to decide which party to support'.

The only problem is, by using that formula, voting along party lines, the Christ-centred believer rules out each one of the three main parties. To start with, each of them is fundamentally secularist and pro-gay. Atheist Nick Clegg, David Cameron with his pro-sodomy kitchen cabinet and the anti-family Gordon Brown have gone out of their way in the last three months to court the perverted vote. Clegg and Cameron were interviewed in turn for 'Attitude' magazine then Brown hosted a party at No10 for 'Schools Out'. In the process, all three told decent people not to vote for them or their parties.

Next, each is pro-EU, favouring that bastion of Antichrist which refused to put God into its constitution and is now pressing hard Europe-wide for policies enforcing 'equality and diversity'. Not one of the three main parties is pro-life, although individual members may be. And each is stupidly pro-Islam, not seeing that Islam is not just Antichrist, denying His divinity, His incarnation and His resurrection, but anti-secularist as well.

Outside England, Plaid Cymru in Wales are secularist in outlook, although individually many of their AM's opposed blasphemy in the Welsh Assembly. The Scottish Nationalists have endorsed Islamist Osama Saeed as a candidate for Glasgow Central but are not nearly as pro-sodomy as their rivals. In Northern Ireland, the Ulster Unionists have allied themselves with the Conservatives, which makes them difficult for Christians to vote for. It is fair to say the Democratic Unionist Party, despite its recent problems, returns the highest number of God-fearing MP's to Westminster of any political party, certainly in proportion to its size.

So what now? 'Who would Jesus vote for?' is often asked. 'Who would the King of kings have in His cabinet?' is the better question. The qualification is that rulers should be 'able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness' as we read in Exodus 18:21. That narrows it down considerably. If Christians were only to vote for men who displayed Exodus 18:21 qualities, men whom their Saviour and King would approve, men who could stand in His holy hill, we should be hard-pressed to find any suitable candidates, fewer still if their party allegiance defines them.

We are not saying there are not some really good, God-fearing Labour and Conservative MP's and candidates, and even the odd righteous LibDem.  But they have to renounce all the secularist immoral baggage of their respective party leaders before they can stand before Christians and ask for our vote.

One minor party is actively seeking the Christian vote. The British National Party has a leaflet out showing that all three main parties support the war in Afghanistan, abortion and teaching five-year-olds about homosexuality. It quotes scripture. It says that to support either Labour, the Conservatives or the Liberal Democrats is incompatible with Christianity. It observes we must all stand before the judgment seat of Christ and give an account for our actions.

So far so good. Then it says 'there is only one political party that Christians can support without betraying the Lord Jesus Christ.' And which is that sole repository of righteousness? It's the British National Party, apparently. A covering letter from one Jim Clift even tackles the charge of racism levelled against it. In February this year, 'the BNP membership voted to allow non-white UK citizens to become members,' he says. 'This nailed and buried, once and for all, the lie that today's BNP members are all racists.'

Well, firstly the BNP changed its rules only in the teeth of a pending injunction from the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Secondly, its members may not 'all' be racists, but a large proportion are, right to the top. The party may now be anti-Islam (they have noticed that Muslims are often brown-skinned people) but it has never been Christian and has always been fiercely anti-Israel. Its press officer believes in evolution and that black people are less highly evolved than whites.

Thirdly, Jim Clift is seriously asking Christians to support a party that up until a few weeks ago would not accept half of all Christian worshippers in London as members? Er, no thanks, Jim.

The BNP, having said, in the context of  Tony Blair's lies to take us to war in Iraq, 'Jesus Christ forbad lying (Matt 19:18)' are themselves economical with the truth.  It is not true that 'there is only one political party that Christians can support without betraying the Lord Jesus Christ,' as they claim.  (That party's the BNP, if you were wondering.)

UKIP for a start are doing a fairly good job, standing against political correctness, against compulsory sex education and the EU, for example.  We are taking a close look at them and their policies and in the meantime we are wishing their candidate Nigel Farage well as he tries to unseat the widely disliked John Bercow in Buckingham.  (For that matter, who isn't?)

The Christian People's Alliance are a national party and it is eminently possible to support them in good conscience in the seats they are contesting.  The English Democrats too are worth a second look.

Finally, the Christian Party is gearing up to fight 120 seats nationwide, including the Western Isles, Barking and Dagenham.  In Barking its leader George Hargreaves goes head to head with the BNP's Nick Griffin trying to unseat the minister for child abuse, Labour's pro-abortion, pro-gay, pro-blasphemy, anti-Christian Margaret Hodge.  They are a party Christians can support as they honour the Lord Jesus Christ as King of kings.

Let us pray that the Lord raises up candidates for Christians to vote for in good conscience.  Voting for the wicked only encourages them.  Give us someone to vote for - then we'll promise to vote!

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