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30th March 2010 13.00hrs

A leading Christian lobby group has accused Conservative leader David Cameron of hypocrisy over his support for Church Schools and Christian charities.

In a video posted on YouTube by the Conservative Christian Fellowship, which exists to promote the Conservative Party amongst the faithful, Cameron says he is 'amazed' at just how much Church is doing in social work. 'Wherever there is a need you are there,' he gushes. Christians are 'caring for the vulnerable, helping to build a strong society.' The Church's values, according to Cameron, lie at the heart of the Britain he wants to see. He wants a thriving voluntary sector and to give charities stability, treating faith-based charities well. 'I want them to go on doing what they do,' says Cameron.

This is the same David Cameron who voted for the Sexual Orientation Regulations in 2007, which disrupted church-based adoption charities, forcing almost all of them to close rather than place vulnerable children with homosexuals.

Cameron goes on to laud faith schools. 'Good schools with high standards of discipline are vital,' he says. There are some excellent faith schools and we learn he chose one for his daughter. But the same man who says he values their work and wants a new generation of academies told a homosexual audience in an interview for 'Attitude' magazine in January that he wants to force faith schools to jettison their values and teach that sodomy is as normal and natural as heterosexuality.

Earlier this month the Conservatives boasted of how many 'gay' candidates they would be fielding at the election, including current front-bencher Alan Duncan, who once joked that he would kill someone who defended the Christian view that marriage is between one man and one woman, and members of the Cameron inner circle.

In February, his spokesman Michael Gove told Andrew Marr and millions of BBC radio listeners that he would not tolerate schools which allowed into the classroom the view that the universe was created.

"To my mind you cannot have a school which teaches creationism" he said. "And one thing that we will make absolutely clear is that you can not have schools that are set up which teach people things which are clearly at variance with what we know to be scientific fact."

Finally, David Cameron says in his video that 'strong relationships' are vital for society and that it is wrong that 'couples are rewarded for splitting up'. He would 'recognise marriage in the tax system'. Does that mean that the man who voted for Civil Partnerships in 2004 will reward those counterfeits of marriage as well?

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, said:

'David Cameron needs to recognise that Christian social work arises from the Gospel. Our values are Gospel values. We feed the hungry at our Saviour's command. And the same Saviour is also King of kings. His laws value holiness, chastity, fidelity, honesty and respect for God and man. These values are absent from those of the homosexuals whose vote he is also trying to court.

'If faith-based schools are not to be allowed to point out the problems with evolutionary theory and the questions it cannot answer, such as how birds evolved nest-building, and how birds survived before they got it right, then is he intending to preside over a totalitarian government that bans scientific debate?

'And if Christians are to be forced to toe the secularist pro-gay, pro-fornication line in sex education classes, then where does religious freedom lie in the Cameron order of priorities?

'David Cameron is trying simultaneously to run with the hare of Christianity and hunt with the hounds of secularism. The man who voted on 6th May 2008 to allow wicked men to insult Jesus Christ wants Christians to fall in with his secularist ideas before they receive funding and he wants the failed tenets of secularism to dominate what we can teach. Just like Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg, Cameron will take what he wants from the Christian Church, but trample underfoot our challenging vision of a society which honours God in the Lord Jesus Christ.

'I hope and pray Christians will see through the hypocrisy of David Cameron and only vote for those Tory candidates who fear the Lord and repudiate the secularist, pro-gay views of their leader.'