The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.


For the first time, an abortionist has advertised its services on British television. As we went to press, a a thirty second advertisement by Marie Stopes entitled 'Are you late?' was scheduled to broadcast on Channel 4 on Monday 24th May just after 10.00pm.

The advertisement is the first of a series planned to run until the end of June. Its target audience is women whose period is late because they have conceived a baby following sexual intercourse. It advises them to call an 0845 number, the Marie Stopes telephone 'helpline'. The only 'help' on offer will be hands ready, at a price, to tear limb from limb the innocent baby growing in the mother's womb. The bereaved mother will be left with the knowledge that she has killed her child, and without repentance and forgiveness through the saving merits of the Lord Jesus Christ, she will carry that psychological burden until the day of her own death.

Most abortions in Great Britain are carried out from a gestational age of 8 to 13 weeks on what have been the first-born. A picture shows a baby at the gestational age of 8 weeks. The baby is recognisably human, with a head, a brain which reacts to stimuli such as pain, legs and arms, toes and fingers. The baby's heart, like ours, was beating 3 weeks after conception and will not stop until the day you die.

Channel 4 is advertising the killing of a living, sentient human being. Marie Stopes is the world's second biggest abortion provider, and claims to be responsible for one third of the almost 600 children murdered in their mothers' wombs every single day in our land, 6 million in total since 1968, when the abortion Act came into force. Although designated a charity, Marie Stopes' staff are well paid and have a vested interest in providing death by abortion. That is, after all, how they earn their daily bread.

The Bible says God hates the hands that shed innocent blood and that blood defiles the land. Abortion is our modern form of human sacrifice, and Satan derives power from it, especially from the blood of the first-born. But it brings judgment on us all. The judgment falls as a view that human life is expendable. We see it on the streets. It comes home to the families of youths killed for a mobile phone or a 'disrespectful' look. How much more will the judgment of God fall on those who are complicit in the murder of their fellow human beings.

READ: Gen 4:10, 9:6,12,13; Numb 35:30-33; Psalm 106:37-38; Prov 6:16-17; Jer 32:35; Micah 6:7-8; Matt 9:2; Mark 3:28; Rev 7:13-17.

PRAY: That the advertisements are stopped. Pray that discussion of abortion will bring across the humanity of the child in the womb.