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Peter Tatchell – What a Hypocrite!

Sunday 12th September 2010 15.00hrs

Peter Tatchell is accused of hypocrisy for his Channel 4 hatchet job on the Pope (The Trouble with the Pope) on the eve of the latter’s visit to Britain .  But what of The Trouble with the Tatchell?

Tatchell complains about the scandal of priests abusing mainly teenage boys, but he himself has argued for the elimination of ages of consent, he sees nothing wrong with adult/child sexual encounters and said in a paedophile campaigning book that it is court appearances and societal pressures that cause a victim to have anxiety over child sexual abuse, rather than the abuse itself.

Catholic writer Damian Thompson provides compelling evidence that Peter Tatchell cannot even be trusted to report accurately on his subject, and that is even before he begins to mention the homosexual abuse scandal.

But in the campaigning book ‘Betrayal of Youth’, edited by the Vice-Chairman of the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange, and published in 1986, Tatchell wrote that children need:

‘protection against self-destroying feelings of guilt and anxiety which are so often stirred up by sexual encounters outside the ages of consent precisely because they are illicit and regarded as shameful.  It is usually this social shame, more than the sexual act itself, which harms young people.  The psychological scars of court cases and societal disapproval often remain long after the actual sexual encounter is forgotten.’ (BOY p118)

The editor of ‘Betrayal of Youth’ wrote helpfully: ‘Readers will by now be aware that all the contributors to this study agree that we should be working towards the day when when children’s rights are recognized and accepted. … The mere fact of an adult having consensual sex with a child should not of itself be construed as an abuse.’  (Middleton W in ‘Betrayal of Youth’ page 179)

In the same book, Tatchell asked: ‘What purpose does it (the age of majority) serve other than reinforcing a set of increasingly quaint, minority moral values left over from the Victorian era?’

His views don’t seem to have changed.  In 1997, Tatchell wrote to the Guardian to say: ‘Several of my friends – gay and straight, male and female – had sex with adults from the ages of nine to 13. None feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy.’

Last year, in an article headed ‘Don’t Criminalise Young Sex, he wrote: ‘If sex at 14 is consensual, and no one is hurt or complains, is criminalisation in the public interest? Is it in the 14-year-old's interest? It is fair?’

On his website, Peter Tatchell argues for a sexual consent law which accommodates the requirements of a fourteen-year-old boy he calls Lee who has been 'having sex with boys since the age of eight and with men since he was 12.' Lee says he 'likes men in their 20s or 30s. They are more experienced and serious.'
Tatchell comments: 'The age of consent laws don't make it easy for Lee to have a stable gay relationship.' According to Lee, and Tatchell does not bat an eyelid at this: 'The law is stupid. If I know what I'm doing and I'm not harming anyone else, I should be allowed to have sex with who I want.'

Tatchell, who has not masked his approval of the anonymous casual  sex prevalent in the homosexual world, was even invited to a Christian event this year, the Greenbelt Festival.

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, said today: ‘There can be no doubt that the Catholic Church did wrong and did immense damage to its reputation and to the cause of Jesus Christ with whom people inevitably identify it with, by covering up such scandals, moving priests on and failing to address the anguish of the victims.

‘As an organisation which upholds the Protestant settlement of the United Kingdom , you will not normally find Christian Voice defending the Pope.  But it is impossible to keep silent in the face of Peter Tatchell’s hypocrisy.  He is the man leading the charge against the Catholic Church for the sexual abuse perpetrated by a minority of its priests.  And yet he sees nothing wrong in adults and children having sex together as such.  He is on record speaking with no sense of criticism of 9-year-olds having sex with adults.  And even where there is abuse, he blames the stigma imposed by society and the court system for the trauma victims suffer rather than the sexual activity itself.

‘Nor does Tatchell confront the elephant in the room which is that ordinary homosexual men who fancy teenagers, as many do, have infiltrated an institution which gives them privileged access to exactly that group of targets.  Frankly, how secularist and homosexual campaigners and especially paedophilia apologists like Tatchell can keep a straight face when condemning the Catholic Church for abuses caused by their own gay ‘brothers’ is truly amazing.'