The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.

Corpus Christi

By Stephen Green

'Corpus Christi' means 'Body of Christ'.  It is also the name of a town in Texas. The homosexual playwright Terrence McNally had the idea of setting Jesus and His disciples in that town in the present day and making them all homosexuals.  The pun is that all the disciples violate (as we would see it) the Body of Christ ( 'Corpus Christi' ) as He shares Himself around.  Inevitably, Jesus is crucified as 'king of the queers' instead of as 'King of the Jews'.  McNally is plainly not Jewish.  Or Christian for that matter.

The play is a massive homosexual propaganda vehicle. "Gays need a Saviour too!"  Or as Peter Tatchell puts it, "Stop crucifying queers."  Er, nobody is, Peter.  Homosexuals are one of the most powerful, politically-correct tiny-minorities in Britain.   And Terry, you've got a Saviour already.  You just need to stop doing what God says is sin and He will forgive you through Jesus' sacrifice of Himself on the cross.  That's when His body (the real 'Corpus Christi' ) was pierced through with nails, and suffocated to death by crucifixion that you might live.  

The play was staged by a group of students from St Andrews University (yes, that's the one Prince William goes to) from 9th to 11th December 2004. By the grace of God, Christians protested, preached and prayed outside the Crawford Arts Centre in St Andrews every night it was on.  We were there when it started on the Thursday and we were there when it closed on the Saturday.  The afternoon matinee was cancelled and a key director of the Crawford Arts Centre resigned. The Gospel was preached in the middle of the play and two witnesses saw it all the way through.  On the Friday night, the director and the cast came together to learn face to face from me exactly how they offended Christians and Almighty God.  None of this would have happened without the prayers of Christian Voice members, and none of it would have happened without a chain of events orchestrated by God which was nothing short of the miraculous.  When we work, we work.  When we pray, God works.  But when we work and pray, the Lord works miracles.

I have already put together a complaint of blasphemy to the police.  By His grace, God enabled enough witnesses to see the play in Scottish law and in His law to enable a prosecution to proceed.  Reluctant as I am to see the director and cast prosecuted, they know that is what I intend to do, and God Himself has made it perfectly clear that this must happen.  Otherwise, He would have prevented us from seeing the play rather than paving the way as He did.  We now demand that the Procurator Fiscal start a prosecution for blasphemy. Whether the fiscal will or will not is in the hands of God, but if he does not, he will implicate the whole of Scotland in the crime of blasphemy, an offence against Almighty God. 

It seems odd today, when God has been relegated in proud, rich, 21st-century Britain to be little more than a personal lifestyle choice, to recall a time just fifty or sixty years ago when there was a general understanding in our land that God is the omnipotent Creator and Ruler, and that He deals with nations just as He deals with individuals.  During the last war the whole nation constantly prayed to God to grant us victory over the evils of Nazism.  From the miracle of Dunkirk, through many smaller divine interventions of weather and seeming co-incidence, God heard our prayer, and saved this nation from defeat.  We are so ungrateful we now allow His holy name and that of the Lord Jesus Christ, in whose blessed name those prayers were made, to be dragged through the dirt in the United Kingdom.   May God forgive us and grant us repentance.  And for those of us who are Christians, may God forgive our previous unwillingness to stand up for Him and His righteousness and grant us courage and strength in the days ahead.