The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.


A lobby / vigil is planned at the Houses of Parliament for Tuesday 11th October, the date of the Second Reading of the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill in the House of Lords.  The vigil will start, God willing, at 1.00pm, and will conclude at around 4.00pm.  It will be a time to sing praises to the Lord our Redeemer, to show the Government we will not be silenced, to witness for the Gospel and to pray "Thy will be done."

The Bill had its Third Reading in the House of Commons on 11th July, before the summer recess.  A vigil was called that day as well, and 2,000 Christians descended on Parliament Square at short notice.  White Christians were in a minority on that day, with a significant turn-out from the black majority churches.  Some of those present went in to the House of Commons to lobby their own MPs.  The vigil in October will also be a good time to go into the House of Commons, which is our constitutional legal right, and explain to our MP's that they have no right to try to stifle our freedom to preach the Gospel.

Praise God that Christians are taking their witness to the streets as never before in the United Kingdom.  On 8th January, 1,500 of us - white, black and Asian - went to BBC premises all over the United Kingdom.  There have been the first-ever organised witnesses at 'gay pride' events.  The Lord brought 2,000 outside the House of Commons on 11th July, with the black churches taking the lead.  God is doing great things in our land, and we are all struggling to keep pace with Him.

PRAY:  Please pray for a good attendance from Christians, and especially pray that the white fellowships will rise to the standard set by the black-majority assemblies.  There are large white churches in London, thriving ones with young congregations, who were conspicuous by their absence last July. Please pray that Christians will come from all over the UK, by rail, car and coach.  May God be glorified as His Church says 'No!' to the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill.

11th October: Please pray about coming to the mass witness.  The purpose is to show the depth of our feeling against the Bill so as to encourage the House of Lords, but we can also use the opportunity, especially if we have made a long trip, to lobby (i.e. go and see) our MP in the House of Commons.  As soon as you know you will be coming, write to your MP and ask for a meeting on Tuesday 11th October.  If you forget to do so, you can still go into the House of Commons and put in a 'green card' to let your MP know you are there and wish to see him.