The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.


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John Edwards, chosen by Democrat Presidential contender John Kerry to be his vice-presidential running mate, attended the Bilderberger conference last month, as did Ralph Reed, past Vice-President of the Christian Coalition.  One interesting name from the 9-strong 2004 Great Britain Bilderberg contingent is that of Ben Verwaayen.  Verwaayen is now CEO of British Telecom, but before that he was a director of Lucent Technologies, a spin-off from the American telecommunications giant AT&T.

Some have drawn attention to the similarity between the name 'Lucent' and the name 'Lucifer', and suggested that Lucent means 'Lucifer Enterprises'.  Unarguably, the logo of Lucent Technologies is a flaming red circle with a slight gap in it, rather reminiscent of the occultish serpent swallowing its tail and also of the enso, or sumi circle, beloved of Buddhists.  (Cricket followers will have noticed that Vodaphone have a similar logo.)  The latest Lucent computer operating system is mysteriously called 'Inferno'.  British Telecom are customers of Lucent Technologies, which itself has been involved in developing the 'Mondex' smart card electronic money transfer system.  (Mondex is short for 'Mondus (world) Exchange' and is nothing to do with 'Dexter' = 'right hand' = mark-of-the-beast implant, by the way.  But it is still a path on the road to the globalist dream of a cashless society.)

Incidentally, both John Kerry and George W Bush accepted invitations to join the elite Skull and Bones society when they were at Yale University.  There are about 800 living 'Bonesmen', very many of them in top positions.  Whether or not Skull and Bones is as dangerous as it is occultic no-one knows, mainly because of its members' vows of secrecy.  One thing we do know, and that is that Bonesmen look after their own, promoting and favouring their fellows, and covering up for them when things turn sour.  Type "Skull and Bones" into