The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.


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The stated aim of this group of MP's and Peers, founded by Henry Usborne MP (Labour) in 1947, is "To promote democratic reform of the United Nations, global institutions and international law."  Such an aim sounds worthy enough until one realises it is complete nonsense.  How on earth could the United Nations or any of the global institutions, let alone international law, become the subject of 'democratic reform'?  Is the plan for all the inhabitants of the world to vote on who is the next UN Secretary General?  In practice, the Group for World Government simply supports the United Nations, the EU and globalism as a combined counterfeit saviour of mankind.  Usborne himself believed in a "Global Administration of World Law and Order, Peace and Security", and his crazy solution for the Arab-Israeli conflict was to demilitarise "the entire Middle East" so as to allow the setting up of a Palestinian state.

Intriguingly, the Baha'i faith helped the Group with a conference on 'World Governance' in 1996.  The Group helps fund the New Age 'Earthwalker,' Paul Coleman, with whom he says it is closely affiliated, and its emphasis on world brotherhood certainly sits easily in New Age thought.  The Group's Chairman, Gavin Strang MP (Lab), its Vice-Chairman, Lord Beaumont of Whitley (Green) and its Secretary, Tom Brake MP (LibDem) all have a long history of anti-Christian voting, but it attracts support from all parties and a wide spectrum, boasting a membership in 2003 of 76 MP's, 49 Peers, 18 Welsh Assembly Members and 21 MEP's.

The One World Trust is not a huge organisation.  It has a staff of seven and a turnover of under a quarter of a million pounds.  However, it is a key player in globalisation, being set up as long ago as 1951 to be the co-ordinating, research and development body of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for World Government.  The Trust is supported overwhelmingly by grants from charitable foundations set up to promote the cause of the elite. The Ford Foundation, itself deeply involved with both the CIA and the USA Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, the federalism-promoting James Madison Trust, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, which "supports and encourages European unification", and the Polden-Puckham Charitable Trust.  The aims of the latter have a definite Marxist flavour: "To support change in order to help promote new ideas in peace, security, conflict resolution and environmental sustainability."

The Trust says the aim of its parent Parliamentary Group is to promote "the role of Parliamentarians in reforming the UN and other global institutions to make them more democratic, accountable and transparent."  "Accountability" is the new buzzword in making globalism more attractive.  According to the Trust, it involves "transparency, participation, evaluation, complaints and redress."  How any of that has any practical relevance to the United Nations of the EU as we know them is not clear. Nevertheless, we read that "The group is clear that there are many decisions which can only be taken at the global level and that we need institutions capable of doing so."

Both the One World Trust and the All-Party Parliamentary Group for World Government have links to elitist bodies.  Tony Colman, ousted as MP for Putney in the 2005 General Election, was a leading member of the Group and is still a council member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the British version of the CFR. 

Beside being funded by insider money, the One World Trust hosted a meeting in 2004 at which Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell and mining giant Anglo-American, spoke on 'global corporate responsibility.'  In 2003 Christian Voice highlighted a speech Sir Mark gave on 'the losers of globalisation' at the Ditchley Foundation, a prominent insider group chaired by Rt Hon John Major, who is also UK chairman and a director of weapons giant the Carlyle Group and a fan of the anti-Christian philosopher Voltaire.  Sir Menzies Campbell MP (LibDem), a prominent member of the Parliamentary Group for World Government, is a governor of the Ditchley Foundation.

The Trust has also had links with the Crusade for World Government, the World Movement for Federal Government, the People's World Convention, the World Party, the British Association for World Government and the World Parliament Association, all of which believe in "World Peace through World Law" and most of which have a distinctly International-Marxist feel to them.  Worthy-sounding environmentalism is currently fuelling (if that be the right word) the drive for world government.  The Polden Puckham Charitable Foundation wants "To engender values that foster harmony and respect between people and planet", and the One World Trust and the Parliamentary Group for World Government have links to Globe UK, the All-Party Group for Sustainable Development and the World Resources Institute.

According to the One World Trust's own website, "it is the federalist vision which has long been the major component of the Trust's vision."  Essentially, in the way this is set out in a pamphlet by Esperanto-enthusiast Professor John Roberts, national boundaries still exist, but the regions within them and above them operate under an international rule of law ultimately administered by a world government.  "World political unity" is the aim, and the individual, not Almighty God, is sovereign.  Roberts says that world federal government "will gain both respect and authority if it cultivates a policy of the least interference possible."  As he gives its functions as global peace-keeping, control of armaments, implementation of environmental policies, managing the world economy, protecting human rights, dealing out global justice and being democratically accountable to "the human family", there is not a great deal left for nation states to do.  How democratic accountability is to be achieved is not a detail which troubles Roberts, although as he holds the EU up as an example to the world, democracy and accountability are obviously just words which sound nice.

Global government is incremental, according to Roberts, advancing step by step in true Fabian Society fashion.  The International Criminal Court has been one such step, and further steps would be the creation of a world parliament and development of super-regions like the European Union in South America and Africa.  Roberts admits that India and Pakistan are hardly likely to join hands in a united Asian sub-continent, while political union between the nations of the Middle East is not exactly imminent either.  Neither the realities of religious divides nor historic enmities do anything to wake those who twist Paul's 'one blood' thesis into a world-wide, united, peace-loving brotherhood out of their impossible dream.  They carry on regardless, and meanwhile, the elite who own and run the world's major institutions laugh at the useful idiots who act as the apologists for a globalism which crushes the poor and benefits the rich alone.

Thank God that He will have the last laugh, and in the meantime, may He give us a bold, prophetic voice that proclaims that the only hope for peace anywhere is not federalism or a democratically-accountable United Nations, but the Lord Jesus Christ.