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Oct 1996: Tory Grandees conceal One-World intentions

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The news that six Tory Party "Grandees" urged the Government to sign up wholeheartedly for European Economic Monetary Union must have disappointed Conservative activists but will have come as no surprise to Christian Voice members.

The six, Sir Edward Heath, Lord Whitelaw, Lord Carrington, Sir Geoffrey, now Lord, Howe, the Rt Hon Douglas Hurd and Sir Leon Brittan may be regarded as Tory elder statesmen, but their record in office was one of unremitting liberalism and creeping state control. Added to that, every one of the six "Grandees" has been active in the One-World conspiracy.  Sir Edward Heath is a top insider of the Bilderberger Group of influential bankers, industrialists, media men and power-mad politicians.  Named after the hotel in which the group first met, the Bilderbergers always meet in secret, and the bill for the lavish hospitality is always picked up by David Rockefeller of Chase Manhatten Bank.  Lord Carrington is Chairman of Bilderberger.

The Bilderbergers have a habit of inviting a "wrong-un" now and again to keep up the appearance of being even-handed and to see if they can catch the odd "useful idiot".  Margaret Thatcher was invited to a Bilderberger meeting in the 1980s with just such an intent.  She blew the whistle on them afterwards, describing the group in less than flattering terms.  They determined to oust her from office. 

Sir Edward Heath and Lord Carrington were the Bilderberger men who put Sir Geoffrey Howe up to his Thatcher assassination speech in the House of Commons.  When Mrs T went to Willie Whitelaw after the first ballot in the leadership contest in 1990, he advised her to quit.  Douglas Hurd contested the leadership, but afterwards went back to being a Foreign Office Mandarin's idea of a good Foreign Secretary under John Major.

As for the Rt Hon Sir Leon Brittan, PC, QC, his Privy Council Oath of Loyalty to Her Majesty the Queen and his oath of office as a European Commissioner, like those of Neil Kinnock, are plainly contradictory.  He was appointed a Euro-Commissioner in 1989, and thought by Mrs Thatcher to be one whom she could trust.  She was mistaken.  Sir Leon's colours are today nailed firmly to the mast of European aggrandisement.

These, then, are the six "Tory Grandees" who are so puffed up with their own importance that they would offer advice to the lower orders.  It has long been a good rule that whatever Sir Edward and his pals advise, the opposite will be the best option.  Let us make sure that our elected representatives know that we see it that way.