The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.


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By Stephen Green

Few of us will fail to have been moved by television images of the Kosovo refugees from 'ethnic cleansing' shown before NATO's bombardment of Serbia began in March.  In churches up and down the land, people responded genuinely in prayer for this latest media-identified world trouble-spot.  Those displaced by war and ethnic tension have our sympathy, and we have been horrified in the last few days by pictures and accounts of what now appears clearly to have been appalling Serb army brutality.  The Eastern Orthodox Serbs are said to regard themselves as the last bastion of European, Christian civilisation against the Moslem world of the Middle East, and they are also conscious of the animosity of the Roman Catholic Croats to the west.  It is all the more reprehensible that the behaviour of their soldiers has failed to live up to Christian standards of justice and mercy.  John the Baptist said, "Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely; and be content with your wages." (Luke 3:14)  That a Christian soldiery can behave well is demonstrated by the conduct of the soldiers of Cromwell's New Model Army, and for that matter, by that of the Vendéens of western France in their counter-revolution of 1793-6 for religious freedom.

On the other side, legitimate questions remain about what NATO, and in particular, Britain, was and is really doing in Yugoslavia.  Contrary to some opinion polls, it is not "unpatriotic" to ask what was the purpose and how proper were the rules of engagement of our own armed forces.  We pride ourselves, as a nation, that we behave in war as Christian gentlemen.  Why then did our warplanes bomb the infrastructure of our former allies in Yugoslavia?  How can the destruction of electricity stations, water works, fertiliser plants, car factories, hospitals, market places, bridges and TV studios be justified?  There are apparently now rebuilding contracts to be had; a bit like glaziers smashing windows.  And how many innocent civilians did NATO actually kill before the bombing stopped?  NATO spokesmen said that Serb civilian deaths and injuries were regrettable, but that they have been small compared to the deaths and sufferings of the Kosovars.  That is undoubtedly true, but it is weasel talk nonetheless.  It was our side killing the Serbs, and mistakenly targeting refugee convoys, whatever terrors crypto-communist President Milosovic was inflicting on the Kosovars. 

Incredibly, not one of the traditional Christian conditions for a just war was satisfied in Serbia, and nor did President Clinton or Tony Blair care.  No British interests were threatened by Serbia; our Government merely decided to act along with America as a world policeman.  If we accept that we are allowed by international law or by the word of God (which we are not) to interfere militarily in the internal affairs of a sovereign state, negotiation had not been exhausted.  Only last year Richard Holbrooke, US envoy to the Balkans, said, "President Milosovic is a man we can do business with, a man who recognises the realities of life in the former Yugoslavia."  NATO changed its mind, decided to go ballistic, without declaring war, and the media were promptly called upon to demonise Milosovic first, softening up public opinion through the refugee stories.  It may still end up, after all the bloodshed, with nothing more than could have been negotiated in the first place.

Proportionate force has not been used, as NATO ran out of military targets and had to bomb anything they could.  We must hope that depleted uranium weapons were not used, as they were in Iraq during the Gulf War.  These cause horrific deformities in the next generation, and the terrible effects are intensified when embargoes are added.  The admittedly pro-Arab "On Target" review (qv) recently carried descriptions and pictures of almost unbelievable congenital abnormalities in Iraq linked to a sudden increase in background radiation.  How shameful that Britain should have been part of such a thing. 

Lastly, a realistic objective was neither set nor met.  The very thing bombing was initially supposed to prevent, namely a refugee crisis, accelerated.  The next stated objective, the removal of Mr Milosovic himself, could be further away than ever, if the bombardment has united the Serbs behind him.  He will be wishing to show more defiance in the wake of defeat.  Indeed, the alternatives to Mr Milosovic are apparently even more Serb-nationalist than he; one shadowy initial objective was said to be to help Mr Milosovic to stand up to them and accept NATO's demands.  Now President Milosvic is an indicted war-criminal, but NATO is still negotiating with him.

Over thirty years ago, an insider in the 'Global Elite', Professor Carol Quigley, wrote of the ending of "total warfare" which he defined as "war for ... unconditional surrender, total victory, destruction of an opponent's regime and social system, fought with weapons of total destruction and a total mobilisation of resources including men."  It would be replaced by "a condition of constant, controlled, flexible conflict with limited, specific and shifting aims, sought by limited application of diverse pressures applied against any other state whose behaviour we wish to influence." 

Quigley went on to speak of "a number of changes in our attitudes and behaviour" involved in the new "controlled conflict."  They bear an uncanny similarity to NATO's conduct in Serbia and earlier in Iraq:

"1. No declarations of war and no breaking off of diplomatic relations with the adversary, but instead continuous communication with him, whatever level of intensity the conflict may reach.

"2. Acceptance of the idea that conflict with an adversary in respect to some areas, activities, units or weapons does not necessarily involve conflict with him in other areas, activities, units or weapons.

"3. Military considerations, and the use of force generally, will always be subordinate to political considerations, and will operate as part of policy in the whole policy context.

"4. Armed forces must be fully professionalised, trained and psychologically prepared to do any task to the degree and level they are ordered ... without desire or independent effort to carry combat to a level of intensity not in keeping with existing policy and political considerations.

"5. There must be full ability at all times to escalate or de-escalate the level of warfare as seems necessary in terms of the policy context, and to signal the decision to do either to the adversary as a guide to his responses.

"6. Ability to de-escalate to the level of termination of violence and warfare must be possible, both in psychological and procedural terms, even with the continuance of conflict on lower, nonforce levels such as economic or ideological conflict."

Christian Voice has reported before on the Bilderberg group of internationalist financiers, businessmen and politicians.  (July 1995, November 1995, October 1996)  Holbrooke, Clinton and Blair are all members of this secretive and powerful insider band.  Tony Blair even owes his position as Labour Party leader and Prime Minister to Bilderbergers such as media baron Rupert Murdoch and David Rockefeller of Chase Manhatton Bank.  The dream of Bilderberg is One-World Government, or "Global 2000" and the New World Order is naturally required to be in place by the year 2000.  The Bilderbergers are running out of time.  So they now need either a world war or a number of smaller wars.  International financiers like wars on principle, because they can sell arms and usually arrange to finance both sides and make money whatever the outcome.  Here, in their twisted logic, there is the added incentive of Global Government arising out of the chaos. 

The Rev Arthur Lewis, of the Rhodesia Christian Group, writes: "The May 1998 meeting of the Bilderberg Group, held at the Turnberry Hotel in Scotland, seems to have planted much of what is now occurring.  ...  the Serbs' Muslim enemies - even the Marxist Kosovo Liberation Army - are apparently being used by the West.  In March, Sir Alfred Sherman claimed that the American Central Intelligence Agency had been training the KLA to infiltrate from Albania, shoot Serbian policemen to provoke a Serbian over-reaction and so 'pave the way for a NATO invasion.' (Daily Telegraph 18/04/99)"  Germany too, appears to be involved, with Rodney Atkinson ("Europe's Full Circle") claiming that German civil and military intelligence have been funding and training the KLA.

According to the New World Order Intelligence Update, [] the May 1998 meeting was attended by Bilderberger stalwarts Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Conrad Black, Kenneth Clarke MP, Giovanni Agnelli and George Robertson MP, as well as new boy William Hague MP.  Those campaigning against GM foods may note the presence of the Swiss chief executive of Novartis, Daniel Vasella.  The Bilderbergers operate "wheels within wheels", so some invitees may not have been involved in secret meetings where it was apparently decided that the first choice conflict for the Bilderbergers was Cyprus.  The Russians would put in some SAM's for Greece, Turkey would bomb them, and the Aegean would erupt.  That idea stumbled.  Why, we do not know.  Second choice was to provoke the Serbs to full scale battle against the Kosovo Albanians, draw in Albania and Macedonia, extend the conflict to Bulgaria and Greece, and then possibly the Russians and Turks would support their brethren on each side.  The Serbs did not fall for it at once, but the KLA provoked them into ethnic cleansing of Albanian Muslims from the north of Kosovo instead.  That provided NATO with an excuse to bomb Serbia, and try out some new weaponry, and that in turn prompted the Serbs to turn bullying and eviction into murder and arson.  However, the wider conflict became elusive.  The Bilderbergers probably hoped that Russia would join the lists and that the millions of refugees whom Serbia would immediately displace if NATO started bombing would destabilise the entire region. 

Whatever we make of these speculations, we can be certain that we have not been told the truth by any of the official spokesmen.  One example was the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade.  Despite the fact that British and America diplomats have been to any number of receptions there, since the embassy was built, NATO would have us believe that it was bombed by mistake, working from an old map.  One school of thought links the embassy bombing to President Clinton's "Chinagate" scandal.  The Chinese were co-operating with a Congressional investigation into Clinton's sale of advanced nuclear weaponry to China in return for their election campaign donations.  They won't co-operate now.

I do not know why it sticks in the mind, but the football manager Bill Shankley once said, "It isn't over 'till it's over; it isn't even over when it's over."  The crisis in Kosovo could still go off in any direction, as the demands of money, greed, pride and emotion conflict.  The political damage which British involvement in the war has done to our nation will take centuries to repair.  How do we pray into such a situation?  If we have friends or family amongst the troops in Kosovo we shall pray for their safety.  The Bilderbergers meet again this month, so we may pray that the Lord will confound their wicked schemes.  We should also pray that Almighty God will work a wonder of repentance in the hearts of our national - and would-be world - leaders so that they learn humility.  They should never have joined a one-world alliance and begun their foreign adventure.  Now they have committed troops to it and may in time wish they could extricate themselves.  O Lord, may thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. 

READ: 2 Chr 18:1ff, 20:36,37; Ps 20:7; Isa 33:1-3; Dan 4:30-37; Luke 12:20; Acts 12:20-24; 1 Cor 6:16; 2 Cor 6:14; Rev 17:14

(The quotations of Carol Quigley are taken from chapter 20 of "Tragedy and Hope - a History of the World in Our Time", [1,348 pages, originally published by Macmillan, New York, in 1966, and reprinted with permission by GSG Associates, Rancho Palos, Verdes, California, USA, hardback, $42.95] as quoted in "On Target" 26 Meadow Lane, Sudbury, CO10 2TD, 13th/27th February 1999)