The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.


Blasphemous play at St Andrews

Some students at St Andrews University are proposing to staging Terrence McNally's blasphemous play 'Corpus Christi' next week - Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7pm plus a 3pm Matinee on the Saturday - at the Crawford Arts Centre studio theatre.  They have even added a few extra offensive touches of their own.  See the Report in the Scottish Sunday Mail:

This is a big one.  We cannot let this pass, or it will happen again and again.  Direct action might even be more effective than a blasphemy law, although the law against blasphemy acts as an important restraint, especially in England and Wales.  The blasphemy law in Scotland was last used in 1843 and the Establishment will not want it used here. So it's time to defend the Saviour's Name again, just as we did at the Sunday Mirror and more.   I am going to ask you to pray that the Lord God Almighty confounds the blasphemers' efforts, and I am going to ask you pray that with all confidence, because that prayer will be matched, God willing, by our action.  As we do what we can do, the Lord will astound us by what He does.  This is what I am asking you to do:

1. Please email or telephone me if you take this seriously enough, which I hope you do, and are near enough, to get to St Andrews on Thursday evening, Friday evening, Saturday afternoon or Saturday evening when the play is being staged, or Saturday morning when we intend to mount another sort of protest.  We shall not publicise what we are doing in advance, for obvious reasons, and there will be nothing about our actions on the website.  Only those who contact me will find out about it!  But it will fill your heart with joy to stand up for the Lord Jesus, believe me.  I shall be there, God willing, for every performance.  On previous occasions, like outside the Sunday Mirror, or in Bournemouth, the Lord has blessed us mightily and worked miracles.

2. Please write, telephone or email those in charge of the University and the Crawford Arts Centre with your written or verbal protest at this deliberate vilification of our Lord Jesus.  Please keep letters short and to the point, which is the offence against Almighty God.  The offence to us is secondary, but is still worth mentioning!  

Yours in His blessed and mighty name,

Stephen Green, M.A.
National Director, Christian Voice.