The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.


What is Islam?  Politicians, the police and Islamic leaders have portrayed it as a religion of peace in which terrorism is an aberration. Multi-faith diehards insist that it is one of many paths to salvation, or that the Allah of Islam and the God of Christianity are one and the same.  Is any of this true? 

Part of the Christian Voice response has been to publish a briefing paper entitled 'Understanding Islam,' available by mail.   The author, Christian Voice National Director Stephen Green, said that researching the paper had been a massive undertaking.  "It is not that there is not enough material now available," he said, "but there is so much that getting to authoritative sources amongst the polemical, on both sides, was a real challenge.  Nevertheless, I believe we have published as dispassionate a piece of research as possible and what is contained is a true reflection on the beliefs of Islam.  Islam does indeed have its peaceful side, but every true Muslim believes in Jihad, and the Islamic scriptures state that death in jihad is the only certain way to paradise.

"One thing that is absolutely necessary in the present climate is for the Church to say strongly that Christianity contains a code for living and a blueprint for how society ought to be run.  Muslims have been allowed to get away with the contention that they have a monopoly on practical spirituality.  Their religion rules the whole of their lives and they say it should rule the whole of politics.  Reformed Christianity should be the same, albeit not in the draconian way that Islam controls the minutiae of everyday living.  The fact that so many Christian churches have opted out of practicalities and become pietistic or antinomian or both has created a political-spiritual vacuum which Islam has been quick to fill.  Islam truly presents a complete way of life.  It is time for the Church to confirm that Christianity does too.  That is going to be a big challenge for the Church.

"Equally important is to continue to show that 'Allah' is not the God of the Bible, and that Islam is a counterfeit rather than a logical continuation of Judaism and Christianity.  As we show in the Briefing paper, 'Understanding Islam', the Islamic legal system, Sha'ria, is barbaric where it opposes the righteous judicial Law of God upon which the law of these islands is, or was until the secular humanists got going, based."  On top of that, in the Qu'ran, Allah denies the Crucifixion and denies that Jesus Christ ever was and is the Son of God.  Whoever it is that Muslims worship, he sure is not the God whom Jews and Christians acknowledge as the Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth.

"At a personal level, the saddest thing about Islam is that no Muslim has any assurance of salvation, except as a Jihadist, and it is this belief that physical fighting in the cause of Allah is the highest calling that makes Islam so dangerous and implacable.  At the same time, there is an opportunity out of such doctrines to share the Gospel with our Muslim neighbours, and I pray Christians will use the briefing paper to do just that.  Believing in the name of Jesus is the only and the sure way to salvation, and His precious blood has the power to wash away our sins, however bad they may have been.  That is good news for all, not just for Muslims, and it is the very foundation of our United Kingdom.   Allah says, "Die for me."  Jesus says, "I died for you."  Who will you follow?

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